Martin's trip to USA, Oct 13 - Nov 3, 2013
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway and in Florida, USA.


  1. Leaving Norway
  2. Orlando, FL
  3. Magic Kingdom
  4. Shopping day
  5. EPCOT
  6. Universal Studios
  7. Sea World
  8. To Miami
  9. Off to sea
  10. Nassau, Bahamas
  11. CocoCay, Bahama
  12. Key West, Florida
  13. Houston, Texas
  14. Space Center
  15. Gruene & San Antonio
  16. San Antonio
  17. San Marcos&Austin
  18. Austin
  19. Forth Worth


  1. Stockyards
  2. Leaving the USofA
  3. Back in Norway

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Our trip to the USA went from Oslo, Antwerp, New York and to Orlando, Florida. Details below

Orlando, Sunday 13th till Sunday 20th
Miami Sunday, October 20. until Monday 21. October
Cruise to the Bahamas and Key West Monday, 21. to Friday 25. See the details.
Houston Friday October 25. to Sunday 27.
Gruene Sunday October 27. October
San Antonio Sunday 27. to Tuesday 29.
San Marcos Tuesday, October 29.
Austin Tuesday, October 29. to Thursday, 31. October
Fort Worth / Stockyards Thursday, 31. October to Saturday
Departure for Norway the 2. November
Arrival in Norway the 3. November.
October 12th.
Tomasz' wreck in the garden of Martin. Martin is sick and tired of this wreck.

The wreck from the front.

Martin's hedge is getting tall.

The destroyed lawn underneath Tomasz' wreck.

Martin is waiting for the bus this nice autumn day in Norway.

Martin's traveling stuff at the bus station.

Nice oak tree next to Martin's house.

Nice autumn colors at the railway station.

Martin on the train.

The Oslo Opera House in the middle of the town.

Staying overnight with Cato, Martin's nephew.

Cato's guitars.

October 13th.
Off to Oslo airport.

Our KLM flight for the first leg to Amstredam.

Taking off from Oslo.

Arriving in Amsterdam, it was very rainy.

Having a beer on Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam.

Happy girls.

Landed in New York.

It was a sunny day in New York.

Having our last beer before we went to Orlando and checked in on the Wydham Lake Buena Vista Resort.  

The next day, Monday October 14th, we had our first day in Orlando, Florida on WYNDHAM LAKE BUENA VISTA RESORT.


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