USA, Mar 22 - Apr 11, 2010
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click on the thumbnails, and you get the full picture in a separate window. The weather in Norway.

Daily activities
March 2010
  1. Monday
    Off to the USA

  2. Tuesday
    Houston & Space Center

  3. Wednesday
    San Antonio & Natural Bridge

  4. Thursday
    San Antonio & Alamo

  5. Friday
    Austin & Gruene

  6. Saturday
    Fort Worth

  7. Sunday
    Galveston & Cruise

  8. Monday
    At Sea

  9. Tuesday
    At Sea

  10. Wednesday
    Montego Bay, Jamaca
April 2010
  1. Thursday
    Grand Cayman Island

  2. Friday
    Cozumel, Mexico

  3. Saturday
    Fun at Sea

  4. Sunday
    Back to Galveston

  5. Monday
    New Oreleans

  6. Tuesday
    New Oreleans

  7. Wednesday
    Off to Menphis

  8. Thursday
    Memphis & Elvis

  9. Friday

  10. Saturday

  11. Sunday
    Returning to Norway

  12. Sunday
    Back in Norway

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Summing it all up.

Steinar Medbøe to the left and Martin's room mate on this trip. A friendly and jolly chap from the Oslo, the capital of Norway.

Martin T. (to the right) had pleasant and fascination trip to the USA during  the period above. Mainly dancing swing and rock'n roll. This trip was the second one Martin has taken under the auspices of ComeAndDance.
The first trip was during November 2008.

Complete tour guide in Norwegian.

This is the route in the USA and the dates at the various places.

A. Houston March 22nd to 24th. The weather.

B. Natural Bridge Caverns, Austin. March 24th. Weather.

C. San Antonio March 24th to 26th. The weather.

B. Gruene March 26th. The weather.

D. Austin March 26th to 27th. The weather.

E. Fort Worth / Stockyards March 27th to 28th. The weather.

F. Galveston – Cruise March 28th to April 4th. The weather.

G. New Orleans April 4th to 7th. The weather.

H. Memphis April 7th to 9th. The weather.

I. Nashville April 9th to 11th. The weather.

J. Atlanta – return to Norway April 11th. The weather.

Cruise details. Below is the Carnival Conquest and the itinerary for the cruise.


Sunday 28th we are boarding at Galveston, TX at 1600.
Monday 29th, we are having fun at sea.
Tuesday 30th, we are having fun at sea.
Wednesday 31st Montego Bay, Jamaica at 0900 hours.


Thursday 1st, Grand Cayman Islands at 0700 hours.
Friday 2nd, Cozumel, Mexico at 1000 hours.
Saturday 3rd, we are having fun at sea.
Sunday 4th, we are returning to Galveston, TX at 0800.



Arrived at Oslo Airport, Gardemoen by train at 0030 hours. Scheduled departure time was 0625 and we actual took off at ??? hours. Arrival time at Amsterdam is 0830 hours local time. Then 10 hours to Houston, Texas where we were due at 1210 local time.

To the left, Martin is ready for his trip to the USA.

Martin's train arrives on time at 2200 hours at night.

The cold, bleak waiting room of the local railway station at Tønsberg. Not nice.

Arrived at Gardemoen, Oslo, the toilets are great. Martin had a piss before going to sleep on one of the benches.

Not many customer at 0100 in the morning.

Martin got himself some hot junk foot before dozing off on one of the benches.

Time to drop off the luggage after doing the checking in online over the net.

The KLM plane taking us to Antwerpen in the wee hours of the morning of the 22nd.

Later this day, Monday 22nd, at 1520 we were landed in Houston, TX and checked in at Crowne Plaza River Oaks Hotel at 2712 Southwest Freeway, Houston, TX 7709, tel. +1 713 523 8448.

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