Dec 2009, Martin and Tui
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click on the thumbnails, and you get the full picture in a separate window. The weather in Norway is always interesting.

Daily Activities
December 2009

  1. Saturday
    Tui Arrives

  2. Sunday
    Tui Swims

  3. Monday
    Tui & Sky Bar

  1. Saturday
    Tui Arrives Ao Nang

  2. Sunday
    Tui Swims at Gillham's

  3. Monday
    Shack N 9

  4. Tuesday
    Lazy day with webs

  5. Wednesday
    Khao Sok Day 1

  6. Thursday
    Khao Sok Day 2

  7. Friday
    Not ready yet

  8. Saturday
    Not ready yet

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Summing it all up.

Martin T. (to the above left) had pleasant and fascination time with Tui in Bangkok and Ao Nang  Tui to the above right.

Have a look at BBC's weather for Bangkok

To the left, time to say good bye to Martin's favorite room at the Ambassador, room 363.

To the right, time to say welcome to Martin's new room at Thai House Inn, room 301. A  much lower standard, but Martin just wanted to try it out.

The left view out of the window. Not much here. Just a back alley.

The sleeping beauty on top of a dumpster didn't care and really slept for an hour.

Right view out of the window. Same shit as always.

The sign of The Thai House Inn.

The sign from the street.

The hallway leading in to the hotel. Typical Thai back alley.

Tui is a gentle lady with problems with her English as most Thai women have.

Thai and Martin watching the show on a big screen in conjunction with the King's 82nd birthday.

A nightcap at the Lobby Bar at the Ambassador. Tui doesn't drink and go for orange juice. And the night was still young.  

The next day, Sunday December 6th , it was time for some swim suit shopping for Tui.

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