Thailand Nov 25 - Dec 31, 2018
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just clicTk them. The weather in Norway and in Thailand.

Nov 25 - First day in BKK

Nov 26 - Grand Palace

Nov 27 - BKK from canals

Nov 28 - To Jomtien

Nov 29 - Jomtien

Nov 30 - Jomtien, Sanctuary of Truth

Dec 1 - Jorunn to BKK & Norway

Dec 2 - First week of December

Dec 8 - Second week of December

Dec 17 - Back to Jomtien

Dec 25 - Fourth week of December

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Martin and Jorunn arrived from their trip to Burma the day before and Martin will stay in Thailand till February 9th. Jorunn will leave for Norway on December 2nd.

Amari Don Muang's pool is nice and OK. Jorunn and Martin had an early morning swim here before breakfast.

The juices are plentiful.

Making omelet. The breakfast is excellent on this hotel. Only 500 meters from the check-in counter at the airport. Recommended.

The cheese table was depleted at 0800 in the morning.


Time for taxi to The Ambassador.

Jorunn and Martin at The Game bar, Martin's favorite people watching spot.

Jorunn and Martin at The Game bar.

Crooked Tuk-Tuk driver in Bangkok. A real cheat.

The Ambassador where we stayed for 3 nights before going to Jomtien.

Eek, Martin's favorite bar keeper at Rosabieng restaurant and jazz music.

High pig factor. Norwegian joke.

Eek is always smiling. Unfortunately, the restaurant will close on December 31st this year.

On Monday November 26th, it was time to move visit the Grand Temple in Bangkok.


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