Thailand Jan 1 - Feb 2, 2018
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway and in Thailand.

Jan 1 - 7

Jan 8 - 14

Jan 15 - 21

Jan 22 - 28

Jan 29 - Feb 1

Feb 2, off to
Chiang Mai

Feb 13 - Bangkok

Feb 14 - Bangkok

Feb 15 - Back to Norway

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January in Nang Rong will be  lazy months not doing any traveling until February.

The lovely pool of Akelada Hotel. Watch the video of the pool.

The traffic out of town was heavy due to the visitors from Bangkok that wanted to go back.

Cars all over the place.

Bumper to bumper.

This is the road to Bangkok where they use the shoulders as well.

Lots of cars. Glad I don't have to drive in that traffic.

One of the nice places at the bus station.

Martin at Nem's restaurant. Good German sausages her.

The view of Nem's towards the buffet restaurant across the street.

They had a new beer here, U-turn, a slightly sweetish beer that Martin liked.

Nem's restaurant from the outside.

The buffet restaurant across the street.

Lai with her U-turn.

Cash Only lady with her coke.

The three flats close to Lai that has been empty for a long time. Nobody seems to want to live there.  

Friday, January 5th, visiting Shampoo

Lai's veranda early in the morning.

Lai with her neutered, squint-eyed cat Tommy on the bench.

Shampoo visited us. Here with Martin's favorite shirt.

Then off to the pool, late at night. It looks lovely. Lai and Martin are the only ones using this pool, basically making it a private pool. We paid THB 2500,- for the privilege or 80 US $.

The hotel have truckers as guests as well.

Lai in an old dress at the pool gate.


Then off to Shampoo in the next door city of Chiamin.

Lai and Martin in their lovely shirts.

Lai and Martin outside Lai's house.

Yut, our driver's license. Nice guy.

Lai and Yut outside his car.

Shampoo's house.

Shampoo, her husband and Lai outside Shampoo's house.

Lai tried some new nail paint that Martin didn't like.

Enjoying a beer after the swim on the veranda of Akeleda is the happiest moment of the day for Martin. Watching the traffic and listening to the water fountains of the hotel.  
On Monday January 8th, it was time for more of the same.


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