Apr 3 - in Nang Rong with Lai.
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway and in Thailand.

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Back in Nang Rong with a new clock tower and swimming pool

Martin saying hello to Lai's Mom.

The new clock tower in town. It is nice and more traffic safe than the trees on this plot.

Off to Martin's favorite restaurant "Dear Steak". Excellent foods.

Mama at "Dear Steak". Lovely, friendly lady and a good cook.

Draft sessions. People are asked to go to the military on a lottery basis.

Time to say hello to Mr. Birp at Home Ming.

Paddle boats on the Royal Great Lake in Nang Rong.

Lai walking up one of the streets in Nang Rong.

Corn on the cob is very popular in Thailand.

Lai is checking out Sapodilla, in Thai, ละมุด, and in latin, Manilkara zapota. It is  a very nice, local fruit that looks like a potato.

There are an abundance of nice fruit in Thailand. It is good, healthy and low on calories.

Eat it. It tastes good and is good for you.

School where the draft is being held.

Pork sausages are popular, unhealthy food among youngsters in Thailand.

The Socool Grand Hotel has a very nice swimming pool with salt water. Fantastic to swim in.
The Loft Bar not far from the pool. Here the Norwegian flag can be seen.

The front of The Loft with the German flag. The owner is German, his name is Helmut.

The view from the inside. A very attractive layout.

But it was closed for food this April 3rd, 2017 since the German owner had to fix his visa. Instead we went to Dear Steak, Martin's favorite restaurant in Nang Rong.

Lai is Thai and know how to eat. Martin can eat and drink as well.

Then we switched to the old, public, private pool. It was too hot to swim after 10. This pooled opened at 0800.

Lai with weird look at thing.

The fabulous 4. From back left. Somai and Martin and in the front Noi and Lai.

Time for a wet breakfast. Lovely food.

The early morning beer tastes great.

Martin with his birthday shirt from 2014 when he turned 70.

He is red in the face, due to the hot sun in Thailand. And he is only exposed to the sun in the pool.

On Tuesday Apr 11th, it was time another 10 days in Nang Rong.

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