Thailand Sep 1 - Nov 27, 2016
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway and in Thailand.



Nang Rong

Jomtien Sep 20-25 

Jomtien Sep 26-30

Jomtien Oct 1-8

Jomtien Oct 9-20

Nang Rong, Oct 21-27

Bangkok, Oct 28 &   29

Vientiane Oct 30 - Nov 8
    Vientiane Oct 30   
    Vientiane Oct 31   
    Vientiane Nov  1   
    Vientiane Nov  2   
    Vientiane Nov  3   
    Vientiane Nov  4   
    Vientiane Nov  5   
    Vientiane Nov  6   
    Vientiane Nov  7   
    Vientiane Nov  8   

Jomtien Nov 9-20

Jomtien Nov 21-24

Bangkok Nov 25&26

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Martin left on September 31st, a lovely autumn morning with lovely sunshine.

Martin3 is one of Martin1s lodger and he has become a good friend. Here he is taking M1 to the swimming hall and then the railway station.

Martin1 outside his house at Bregnevegen 34.

Martin1's X car. He just sold it to the lodger downstairs. JAP has lived in the basement for 20 years this year.

After the swim, it was time to visit Ellen at Erna's in Tønsberg.

Martin1 and sister Ellen outside Erna's house.

Ellen and Martin.

Here they are outside no. 17, where Erna stays.



Martin is back at the railway station enjoying the lovely autumn sun.

The sign to Skien, Southbound and Oslo, Northbound. The latter was where Martin went.

Boarding the Norwegian airplane at Oslo Airport on time.


On Thursday September 1st, Martin landed in Bangkok for a 4 nights' stay.


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