Thailand, Sep 24 - Nov 12, 2015.
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway and in Thailand.

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Due to an open heart surgery, Martin was a month late to Thailand this fall.

Martin at the bus stop at 0915 in the morning.

Arrived at the airport at 1047 and got my wheel chair.

Geir Arne is handing in Martin's special luggage, a military back-pack.

Time for a special toilet visit.

Throught customs with a jalla driver.

Arrived at Bangkok international airport.

Sexy legs.

Through customs and waiting for the luggage. In Thailand again.

The inside of the flat.

The view towards the East.

The West view.  A short video showing the view.

The view towards South-West.

Martin off to the optician and some lupper.

A lot of road works are going on and has for a long time.

Martin trotting along. Good for his heart.

In the chair. The eye-sight is creeping down form -7 to -5,6.

Lai at the Surf Kitchen restaurant.

Martin with the food. One plate with mixed fish and one plate with beef are shared between the two of us.

Martin's condo is  completely refurbished and facing South. Martin's old friend, Geir, died in that flat.

Lai likes the spaghetti mesh that Thai cables make.

Having a nice breakfast after a quick stroll in the morning.

The sad chair that couldn't take Martin's weight. It collapsed. It will take some time to find a new one.

Early morning in the condo. Martin is still not up to it, but he is loosing wegiht.

The pool as seen from our window. This is the small pool. The other one is across the main street.

Martin with his favorite Russian dish, salted herrings with onions, potatoes and beet-root.

They have beers too at the Russian restaurant.


The next week, Thursday October 1, it was time for a better heart.


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