Thailand, Feb 19 to May 14, 2014
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway and in Thailand.

Feb 19 - 28

March 1 - 7

March 8 - 15

March 16 - 22

Martin 70 years old

March 23-31

April 1 - 7

April 8 - 15

April 16 - 23

April 24 - 30

May 1 - 7

May 8 - 15

Kari Anne's Condo



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Martin stayed in Norway for 10 days with miserable weather. Last year, it was much nicer.
 Martin left at 0430 to take the train to Oslo Airport, Gardemoen.

At 0430, the taxi picked Martin up.

At the airport, time for a very early morning beer. The first one in 12 days.

Aquavit is a Norwegian drink and an apt name for a bar.

One of the planes belonging to the Norwegian airline, Norwegian.

Martin's plane to Doha is a dream liner.

First class is very classy.

Feb 19th, in Doha, Qatar.
A short stop in Doha before going on to Bangkok.

In Bangkok, Martin picked up his trusty back-pack.

Mural next to the luggage belt.

On the road with Suza to downtown Bangkok.

Thai girls are nice.

So are the buildings downtown Bangkok.

Martin at Rosabieng with his favorite beer Chang Lite, only 4,2% alcohol. Martin can drink a lot.

Snake head fish, but the salad had chili in it. Martin cannot it it.

Time for the game bar and Martin's dope peddler with his new cap. His name is Zaw Naing and originally from Burma.

Next morning with a lovely breakfast nearby.

Feb 21th, loafing around.
Started with a nice breakfast at the Sky bar on the 26th floor in the Tower Block.

Martin and the trouser salesman. Martin bought his pair in August 2008.

Zaw, Martin's dope peddler.

During the night, a fire broke out 3 stories above Martin's room.

The damage was minimal.

Off to breakfast the following day.

Feb 22nd, another Sky Bar visit.
The dim view of downtown Bangkok at 0630 in the morning.

Martin riding down from the 26th floor of the Tower Block.

The staff is cleaning up after the water damage the previous night.

Time for a beer at the Game Bar. Martin overlooking the Porn stand just below him.

Time to say hello to AOF at The German Geer Garden and pickup place in Bangkok.

Martin at Rosabieng with his favorite beer, Chang Light.

Time for a night snack before going to bed.  
Feb 25th, off to Jomtien.
Martin is checking out of his room 363 at The Ambassador in Bangkok.

Suza is waiting for Martin at the hotel.

On the road to Jomtien.

Suza's car at a leak stop.

Saying goodbye to Suza after he zapped Martin for an extra 1000 baths or US $ 30,-

Nana, the landlady for the condo. A shitty, temporary condo with no amenities to talk about.

Martin checked the water end electricity meters before moving in.

The shops outside the condo block A1.

The big pool seen from the 13th floor where Martin stayed for a month.

Lai having a sip of Orange juice at the Timbo's restaurant. One of Martin's nice ladies. She takes good care of Martin.

Martin at Timbo's using the Internet. There is no Internet in Martin's condo.

Lai outside a Russian shop at S2.


Martin waiting for his food at Surf Kitchen restaurant.

Martin and Geir having a beer in the evening before going to bed.


The next week, Saturday March 1st, it was more Jomtien for now.


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