Martin's trip to Thailand, Aug - Oct 2013.
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway and in Thailand. Martin stays at Jomtien Beach Condominiums.

Aug 12 - 19

Aug 20 - 31

Sep    1 -   7

Sep    8 - 15

Sep 16 - 21

Sep 22 - 30

Oct    1 - 11

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Martin had his swim and left from Tønsberg at 0858 and arrived at the airport 2 hours later for an 11, 5 hours flight to Bangkok.

Martin ready to leave, holding his number plates for his car. To be handed in by JAP to save insurance money.

Martin's Polish lodgers are waiting to be picked up for work.

JAP moved into the basement some 17 years ago this months. A very nice lodger.

Martin in the change room of the swimming pool ready for his 2000 meters swim.

The train arriving at Tønsberg.

Two hours later, it arrived at Oslo Airport Gardemoen.

The Duty Free Shop at the airport is a must stop place for all Norwegians traveling abroad.  

Martin has arrived in Thailand at 0700 on the 13th.

Nice big seats on the flight

Martin's rock-sack arrived on time



Fancy truss work at the airport.


Suza welcomes Martin to Bangkok again


Suza with Martin's present for him. A Norwegian shirt XXL.

Martin relaxes after a swim in the top roof pool


Aug 14th.
Martin's room.

Restaurant's white tiger.

Nice Thai fruit for breakfast.

Busy streets of Bangkok.

Patini police station where Martin filed his report of the money stolen.

Always a picture of the king in the police station.

Big Peter works for nothing, translating English to Thai for the Thai police. Nice fellow. You can find more about him on the net.

Pen is a cute, lovely maid making up Martin's room.

Martin and Tarinee, the IT-manger that tried to solve Martin's problem. It is a 500 message from Frontpage when Martin is uploading files.

Marin and Tarinee at the reception.

Aug 14th.
Off to Jomtien in Suza's car with this swinging flower. See it swing.

Martin arrived outside his new condo at S1F13R21.

Room 21.

The inside view.

The sea view in the morning.

And in the afternoon.

Aug 16th.

Martin is having a grape juice.

Strange food at the street stalls.

Martin's new wireless keyboard.

Martin and his old PC-fixer at TuCom.

Fancy blue fish.

More fish.

Martin is looking for a new swim suit for Tarinee.

This one will look good on Tarinee.

Shy Geir.

Serious Geir.

Martin and Aout, a very good English speaking Thai.

Sleeping Thai with his child.

Martin's spare ribs being prepared.


Aug 17th.

Kek, the local Thai cab driver that will take us till Buriram today.

Martin's pool at A1 is nice.

Martin in the pool.

Martin is timing his swim.

Martin is drying up his toes to prevent athlete's foot.  
Aug 18th off to Buriram.
On the route to the bus station, Martin saw this contraption.

Kek, our cab driver has a very cute phony tail.

Waiting for the bus.

Grumpy 70 bath sales lady at the bus station.

Patiently waiting for a late bus to arrive. Thai time.

Tarinee is sweet. Martin took her to her home place in Buriram.

The sexy legs of Tarinee. She looks good.  
Aug 19th in Buriram.

Tarinee's house is a nice one, but not really finished and contains a lot of junk. Or so Martin thinks.

Martin outside on the veranda of Tarinee's house. Martin is not happy.

Time for a visit to the local computer shop. Tarinee does not have Internet in her house. Martin has to fix that.

The Party House down the street has Internet, but Martin has no access to it.

Big fancy house in the street.

There are new houses in the street. But unsold. The property market is slow.

Tarinee outside her house in the complex. I it a nice, smal, cute house with 3 bedrooms and two bathrooms.

Martin having a Korean Barbeque this evening with Tarinee.

Hot charcoals.

The selection of foods is rich.

The next week, Tuesday August 20th, it was time for more days in Buriram.


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