Thailand, the month of April, 2013.     
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway and in Thailand.

February 2013

March 2013

April 2013

  1. Monday
    April is here
  2. Tuesday
    Lai sore throat
  3. Wednesday
  4. Thursday
    A quiet day
  5. Friday
    Another beach visit
  6. Saturday
    Jorunn 60 years old
  7. Sunday
    Bangkok Hospital Pattaya
  8. Monday
    Clinic visit
  9. Tuesday
    More Clinic & Bank
  10. Wednesday
    Clinic again
  11. Thursday
    Shopping for Lai
  12. Friday
    Lai off Nang Rong
  13. Saturday
    Lunch with Geir
  14. Sunday
    Water Festival
  15. Monday
    Still Water Festival
  16. Tuesday
  17. Wednesday
    Rainy day
  18. Thursday
    Another lazy day
  19. Friday
    Lai returning
  20. Saturday
    Last day of Songkran
  21. Sunday
    Lai's son
  22. Monday
    Lai to clinic
  23. Tuesday
    Beer Day
  24. Wednesday
    Aiden & Pharmacy
  25. Thursday
    Lai's new Lawer
  26. Friday
    Lai farewell to Penntti
  27. Saturday
    Porridge at Churc
  28. Sunday
    Tanya's birthday
  29. Monday
    Lai to Nang Rong
  30. Tuesday
    Home alone

May 2013

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The first day of April was very much the same as most days of March.

Lai on the stairs down from the condo.

Jack from Canada and Jimmy, Martin's landlord having a beer.


Henning and Martin having a beer outside Tong market.

The crossing over to the A-blocks.

Our friendly watch lady that we say hello to every morning before the swim.

Lai and flowers outside Bua Keaw bar.

Martin is having his beer while waiting for the food.

Var beneath the Icelandic flag that Martin donated to Bua Keaw Bar.

Back at Tong's, John Henry and Lai.

Geir and Martin at Tong's.

Geir showing his fingers as he uses often while talking.

One of the local girls at Tong's.  


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The next day, Thursday, Apr 2nd, Martin went swimming and Lai was still suffering from a sore throat.

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