Thailand Mar 1 - March 31 , 2013. 
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway and in Thailand.

February 2013

March 2013

  1. Friday
    Condo hunting
  2. Saturday
    Computer & condo purchase
  3. Sunday
    Lazy Sunday
  4. Monday
    TukCom IT-center
  5. Tuesday
    Fooling around
  6. Wednesday
    Condo contracts
  7. Thursday
    Lai off to Nang Rong
  8. Friday
    Martin home alone
  9. Saturday
    Signing condo contract
  10. Sunday
    Aowaa' birthday
  11. Monday
    Postoffice with bags
  12. Tuesday
    Post office again
  13. Wednesday
    Beach visit
  14. Thursday
    Lai's birthday
  15. Friday
    Loafing around S1 & S2
  16. Saturday
    Beach visit
  17. Sunday
    Lazy Sunday
  18. Monday
    Lazy day at S1
  19. Tuesday
    Another beach visit
  20. Wednesday
    Martin's birthday
  21. Thursday
    Sick in bed
  22. Friday
    Martin not too hot
  23. Saturday
    Slightly better
  24. Sunday
    Martin getting better
  25. Monday
    Martin recovered
  26. Tuesday
    Condo hunting
  27. Wednesday
    Lai sore throat
  28. Thursday
    Hot day at S1
  29. Friday
    Good Friday
  30. Saturday
    Lai visiting Penntti
  31. Sunday
    End of March

April 2013

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Martin went condo hunting with Lai and Ashley from Direct 2 Developers.

Ashley, salesman and a very clever one at that. It was Master's Residence we looked at. A studio, but the pool was too short for some serious swimming. There is a nice video of the condo on YouTube.

The Dane Ken, from S2 sat next to Lai and Martin for lunch.

At night, time for Martin's favorite, Spare Ribs.

Our waitress was this little, cute daughter of the owner.

Thai "Whiskey", but it is petrol for motor bikes.  


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The next day, Saturday March 2nd, we went to TukComs with an old computer.

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