Lai   Jan 1 - First day of 2013 with Lai  Martin
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December 2012

January    2013

  1. Tuesday
    First day of 2013
  2. Wednesday
    Swimming with Pap
  3. Thursday
    Bech & Consulate visit
  4. Friday
    Consulate again
  5. Saturday
    Trying to pay rent
  6. Sunday
    Lai to Nang Rong
  7. Monday
    Consulate again
  8. Tuesday
    Old Computer Work
  9. Wednesday
    A relaxing day
  10. Thursday
    Lai returned
  11. Friday
    Sailor Inn
  12. Saturday
    Sore throat again
  13. Sunday
    Loafing around
  14. Monday
    Driver's license
  15. Tuesday
    Computer Store
  16. Wednesday
    Lai Shopping
  17. Thursday
    Post office Sailor Inn
  18. Friday
    99 baht restaurant
  19. Saturday
    Christiania Bar
  20. Sunday
    Walking Street
  21. Monday
    Beach trip
  22. Tuesday
    PC Screen fix
  23. Wednesday
    Beach visit
  24. Thursday
    Condo hunting
  25. Friday
    Embassy personnell
  26. Saturday
    Condo hunting
  27. Sunday
    New condo S1
  28. Monday
    Arguing with Lai
  29. Tuesday
    Last day in Jomtien
  30. Wednesday
    Off to Prachantakham
  31. Thursday
February 2013

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Lai gets her hair done in the early morning of the first day of 2013.


Lai is happy with the work done.

Lai getting worked over by Puckey, the local hairdresser in search of a boyfriend.

Lai likes this statue just outside the gate of 2A.

Martin having a big yawn outside condo S2 where Martin wants to stay later this year.

But the beer is always good.

At the market, Lai looks at all the goodies for sale.

The fish being prepared for the evening meals in the market place.

The view from one of Martin's favorite restaurants at the market.

Lai and Martin waiting for their food.

Martin got his fish without the sweet & sour sauce he ordered.

Better with a night cap at the Pink Booze Bus.

Lai posing next to a bike next door before going home for the night.  


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The next day, Monday, January 2nd, we went swimming with Pap..

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