Thailand Dec 7 to Mar 15, 2013
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway and on Bangkok.

December 2012

  1. Thursday
    Leaving Norway
  2. Friday
  3. Saturday
    Dinner with Arild
  4. Sunday
    Lazy day with Dee
  5. Monday
    Hospital visit
  6. Tuesday
    Arild & Yo
  7. Wednesday
    Loafing around
  8. Thursday
    Tant left
  9. Friday
    More Tant
  10. Saturday
    Poolday with Tant
  11. Sunday
    Visiting Jiratip
  12. Monday
    Poolside relaxing
  13. Tuesday
    Floating Market
  14. Wednesday
    Last day in BKK
  15. Thursday
    Off to Prachaktakham
  16. Friday
    Off to Jomtien & Lai
  17. Saturday
    At ViewTalay 2A
  18. Sunday
    Sunday with Lai
  19. Monday
    Seamen's Church
  20. Tuesday
    Sailor Inn
  21. Wednesday
    Boat Trip
  22. Thursday
    Vist from Arild
  23. Friday
    Sanctuary of Truth
  24. Saturday
    Martin sick, stomach flu
  25. Sunday
    Recuperating with Lai
  26. Monday
    New Year's Eve, Seamen Church

January 2013

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Martin T. to the left visited Bangkok (BKK) and Jomtien close to Pattaya. A long holiday during the depressing months in Norway. Martin had a pleasant and fascination trip to Thailand. As always.

Map of Thailand.

Martin was traveling with his cousin Arild from the North. He went to Thailand to pick up his Thai wife, Jiratip. She is going to stay in Norway for a year.

Martin's favorite female friend in Pattaya, Emma. She is lovely.

Departing from Tønsberg, Norway

It is dark in Norway at 0730 in December. Depressing.

At the bleak railway station at Tønsberg. Not very inviting.

The new flirt trains are nice if you pay an additional NOK 90,-(US $ 15,-) for a nice seat.

The freezing station of Tønsberg as can be seen on the sign.

A typical red barn in Norway in the bleak winter sun.

It is -10 outside. This is the way snow should be. Lovely on the net, TV and pictures.

Arrived at the railway station at Oslo Airport Gardemoen. Trolleys to be used by the travelers.

Martin is having his early morning beer while waiting for his cousin, Arild.

Cousin Arild and Martin at the bar after checking in.

Arild needs to maintain his big tummy. Beer and nuts make it work.

The cousins happy waiting to embark the plane.

Our Qatar Airlines plane. Martin has many miles with the Qatar airline and have a privileged card to use. Then he may get a free ride in the future.

Scarf cunts are omnipresent in Norway too.

The icy runway at Oslo Airport.

The tail of our plane.

After 6,5 hours in the air, time for a short stopover at Doha Airport, Qatar. A miserable airport, but they are building a new one.


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The next day, Monday, December 7th, Martin arrived in Bangkok 6 hours before Arild. He took a later flight from Doha, Qatar. Martin went to his favorite hotel, The Ambassador.

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