Trip to Thailand, April 2011
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway and in Bangkok just now. Map of lovely Thailand and Jomtien.

April  2011

  1. Friday
    First day in Thailand
  2. Saturday
    Grand Tower Inn
  3. Sunday
  4. Monday
    Pattaya & Silver Sand
  5. Tuesday
    Kran's birthday
  6. Wednesday
    Jorunn's birthday
  7. Thursday
    Kran off to BKK
  8. Friday
    Nervous wreck
  9. Saturday
    Church porridge
  10. Sunday
    Lazy day
  11. Monday
    Lazy day
  12. Tuesday
    Condos for sale
  13. Wednesday
    Songkran, Thai New Year
  14. Thursday
    Jan's Condo
  15. Friday
    On the beach
  16. Saturday
  17. Sunday ViewTalay and Do Do Bar.
  18. Monday
    English and no beers.
  19. Tuesday
    Picking up Pawika
  20. Wednesday
    Lionel's birthday
  21. Thursday
    Daniel & Fandao
  22. Friday
    Miew &  friends
  23. Saturday
    Bar hopping
  24. Sunday
    Church breakfast
  25. Monday
    Back in Norway

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Summing it all up.

Kran to the left and Martin T. to the right had pleasant and fascinating trip together in the period above. This was Martin's 3rd trip to Thailand, spending his time with Kran, his girlfriend. This time they didn't travel much, They stayed in Bangkok and Pattaya.

Martin has his party hat on. 


Departure from Tønsberg on March 30th.

Martin is cleaning house and is burning is spring rubbish in his garden oil drum.

The last of the snow is melting. When returning on May 2nd, all this will be gone.

One of the chores associated with travelling, cleaning house. The idea being that Martin returns to a clean house.

Martin's lodger since 2006, BOW, readying the car for transport to the railway station.

Martin travel ready.

Martin at Tønsberg railway station. The name can bee seen behind him.


Visiting Asbjørn, Oslo late on March 30th at The SideTrack.

Sleepy Asbjørn at the SideTrack pub at Oslo railway staion.

Guinness is always tasty.

Enjoying a Guinness.

Arrived in Amsterdam.

Any self-respecting airport in the world does have a wine and fish pub. Martin enjoyed a cool glass of wine and some salmon here.

Internet was fast, but expensive. € 8,- for 2 hours was not cheap.

Then in the afternoon, Martin departed for Bangkok with China Airways from Taiwan. Very roomy leg space. It is recommendable.  

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The next day, Friday, April 1st, Martin arrived in Bangkok after a pleasant trip with China Airlines from Taiwan. He returned on Apr 25th the same way.

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