June   2010

  1. Sunday
  2. Monday
    Thailand & Kran
  3. Tuesday
    Full day with Kran
  4. Wednesday
    Lazy day with Kran

 July   2010

  1. Thursday
    Computer & Swimming
  2. Friday
    Last day with Kran
  3. Saturday
    Off to Krabi
  4. Sunday
    At Gillham's
  5. Monday
    Lovely at Gillhams
  6. Tuesday
    Meeting Tiap
  7. Wednesday
    Lovely day with Tiap
  8. Thursday
    Turbulent Tiap
  9. Friday
    Off to Arcadia
  10. Saturday
    Schack 9
  11. Sunday
    Snorkeling trip
  12. Monday
    Lazying around
  13. Tuesday
    Fishing trip
  14. Wednesday
    Visiting Orchid
  15. Thursday
    Shack 9
  16. Friday
    Back to Bangkok
  17. Saturday
    Martin in BKK
  18. Sunday
    River Kwai Bridge
  19. Monday
    Off to Nakhon Sawan
  20. Tuesday
    Kran's Parents
  21. Wednesday
    Thai House Inn
  22. Thursday
    Fooling around
  23. Friday
    Off to Pattaya
  24. Saturday
    Kran to Pattaya
  25. Sunday
    Walking Street
  26. Monday
    Rotary & Cross Bay
  27. Tuesday
    Cross Bay & Fishing
  28. Wednesday
    Wees,Kran's friend
  29. Thursday
    Siam Bank
  30. Friday
    Alcazar Show
  31. Saturday
    To Pitsanu Lok

August  2010

  1. Sunday
    Pawiki's Teacher
  2. Monday
    River Kwai
  3. Tuesday
    River Kwai
  4. Wednesday
    Death Railway
  5. Thursdays
    Taxi trip
  6. Friday
    Last day at Kwai River
  7. Saturday
    Leaving Thailand
  8. Sunday
    Back in Norway

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Summing it all up.

Thailand,  Jun 28th to Aug 7, 2010
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway and in Bangkok just now.

There is a nice overview map of Thailand. It's worth a peep.         


Martin T. to the left visited Bangkok (BKK), Pattaya and Oa Nang in Thailand this time. A long holiday during the depressing months.  Martin had a pleasant and fascination trip to Thailand during in the period above.

Everybody talks about the weather. Have a look at BBC's weather for Bangkok, Thailand. Martin spent 9 days  in Bangkok, from Nov 30th to Dec 8th, then he went to Ao Nang and stayed there for 11 days, from July 3rd to 13th. Landing in BKK on June 29th, he stayed for 5 days before going to Krabi and Gillham's where he stayed for 3 days. Then to Ao Nang and left there on July 13th. The back to BKK for 6 days before going to Pattaya and back to BKK on August 5th before going back to Norway on August 7th.



To the left, Krabi lies in the Southern most part of Thailand, to the East of Phuket that Martin had visited during March, and September 2008.


To the right, a detail map showing Ao Nang where Martin stayed during his visits, it was in December 2008, March/April and July/August 2009 and November to January 2010.

This map shows details where Ao Nang is situated in relation to Bangkok, Krabi and Phuket.

This picture show the route in more details. It is 45 kms from the airport to Ao Nang where Martin stays at the Arcadian Villa.


Departure from Tønsberg, June 26th, 2010.

Tanya and her friend Annemi, in their wedding dresses on route to Oslo.

At the railway station in Tønsberg. Waiting for the train to take them to Oslo.

Main railway station in Oslo.

At Cato's place where Martin is tucked in for the night on he living room couch.

Cato and Tanya sharing a joke.

Cato with his cousin Tanya and Tanya's friend AnneMi.

Looking at the wedding program.

Tanya arguing a point. Cato is not convinced.

The next day, Sunday June 27th, Martin landed in Bangkok and when to his hotel, All Seasons Bangkok Huamark Hotel.

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