Daily activities July 2009

  1. Friday
    Left for Thailand

  2. Saturday
    Arrived Bangkok, Thailand

  3. Sunday
    First full day

  4. Monday
    Shopping with Nang

  5. Tuesday
    Nang & Friend

  6. Wednesday
    Nang leaving

  7. Thursday
    Jaa arrived

  8. Friday
    shopping with Jaa

Daily activities August 2009

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Map of Thailand.

Summing it all up.

Thailand, July 25 - August 24th, 2009.

There is a nice overview map of Thailand. It's worth a peep.         

Martin T. to the left visited Bangkok (BKK) and Oa nang in Thailand this time. A long holiday before start working again.  Martin had pleasant and fascination trip to Thailand during in the period above.

Everybody talks about the weather. Have a look at BBC's weather for Bangkok, Thailand. Martin spent two weeks in Bangkok, from July 25 to August 7th, and it rained one afternoon. And this is the rainy season of the year! Weather is cock-eyed all over the world. It was mostly overcast, but that was good due to the sun would have been too strong for Martin's skin.

The pictures below and on the following pages,  are all thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click on the thumbnails, and you get the full picture in a separate window. And depending on your browser, it may be a little smaller to fit your screen size.

To the left, Krabi lies in the Southern most part of Thailand, to the East of Phuket that Martin had visited during March, September and December of 2008 and March/April 2009.


To the right, a detail map showing Ao Nang where Martin stayed this time next and December of 2008 And March/April 2009.

This map shows details where Ao Nang is situated in relation to Bangkok, Krabi and Phuket.  

Departure, July 24th.

Martin sitting outside his main entrance waiting for the local limousine service to pick him up.

Martin sharing a joke with his trusted driver JAP.

Half way to Oslo, we had to swap from train to bus. Typical Norwegian useless infrastructure.

Frank, Martin's sad, fat and unfit lodger.

But the busses were very nice to ride.

Lot of expensive boats outside Oslo.

The new opera of Oslo. A really popular building, both inside and out.

Another view of the Oprea.

The ferry boats taking people to Germany and Denmark.

Building goes on all over the place. Even during recession.

One of these poor creatures where you only see the eyes. What a abyssal fate.

Martin bought some souvenirs to bring to Thailand.

Before leaving, Martin had a beer and some seafood. The beer was 9,- for a pint. Beat that !

Enjoying another beer just before departing.

The plane was from Thai Airways. A first for Martin.

Lovely Thai women serving the passengers. This was a direct flight.  

The next day, Saturday July 25th, Martin landed in BKK (Bangkok) after almost 11 hours in the air for the direct flight.

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