Thailand, March 10 - 25, 2008.

Map of Thailand.

Daily activities March, 2008

  1. Monday

  2. Tuesday
    in Thailand

  3. Wednesday

  4. Thursday
    Orientation meeting

  5. Friday
    Poolside Tanning

  6. Saturday
    More Tanning

  7. Sunday
    More of the same

  8. Monday
    And even more

  9. Tuesday
    Changing Hotel

  10. Wednesday
    Trip Day 1

  11. Thursday
    Martin's Birthday & Trip Day 2

  12. Friday
    Editing Pictures

  13. Saturday
    Another trip

  14. Sunday
    City tour

  15. Monday
    Last day in Thailand

  16. Tuesday
    Departing Thailand

  17. Wednesday
    Back in Norway

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Map of Thailand.

Summing it all up.

There is a nice overview map of Thailand. It's worth a peep.

Martin T. had pleasant and fascination trip to Thailand during in the period above. Martin has his party hat on. Everybody talks about the weather. Have a look at BBC's weather for Thailand.

The pictures below and on the following pages,  are all thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click on the thumbnails, and you get the full picture in a separate window. And depending on your browser, it may be a little smaller to fit your screen size.
Just click the enlargement button to see the full picture. It looks like this . Or if you have latest version of Internet Explorer, just click the picture.

To the left, Phuket lies in the Southern most part of Thailand.

To the right, a detail map showing Phuket island with the Phuket International airport in the North. The map is market where Martin stayed at the Karon beach at Phuket Ocean Resort. Very nice hotel. This is opposite the town of Phuket.


Departure from Norway

The trains in Norway are worn down, old stock, poorly maintained. Norway should have better.

The plane was 6 hours late due to the return plane didn't get off the airport in Abu Dabu where they stopped over.

Martin is waiting too. Here with a pint to pass the time and his trusty PC bag with his laptop.

The tax-free is always busy. Here are Martin's stomach medicine Underberg. Tastes horrible, but do good?

Out traveling, Martin always stop at a seafood restaurant. As this one at the Oslo airport.

One of the specialties was cured whale meat. Really tasty, but a little cold.

Being up since 0500, Martin fell asleep after the meal.

Two red haired grannies on the table next door. Having their early morning beer.

At long last time to board. In the background, as it turned out, Mr. Outhouse in his whit hat. A real, brutal, vicious dick most probably from the Balkans. Most probably a war criminal. A more unpleasant piece of human shit, Martin never met in his life, At this stage, Martin didn't know this.

Our plane with 399 passenger and 14 crew ready to take off.

The next day, Tuesday March 11th, we arrived around 1300 hours, some six hours late.

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