Tanya's Portable July 26, 05.


The following pictures are taken during Tanya's visit to Norway July 2005 when she dissected her old portable computer after Dad gave her a new one. (His old one :-)

The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click on the thumbnails, and you get the full picture in a separate window. And depending on your browser, it may be a little smaller to fit your screen size. Just click the enlargement button to see the full picture. It looks like this .

To the left, Tanya is starting to take her old portable PC apart. An IBM laptop.

To the right, Tanya is hard at work with getting the keyboard off.

The keyboard is off. Now for the other bits and pieces.

And there are lots of doodads and other lots of bits and pieces. in a portable waiting to be discarded.

Off it went down into the rubbish bin, the green one which is everything but food leftovers and paper that have their own bins.

After the dissection, a proud Dad and a pleased Tanya. Well done. Tanya flink pike.

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