Tanya's visit to Norway, Jun - Jul 2013.
Tanya arrived on Jun 5th and left on July 30th.

June 2013

July 2013

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The distinct tower of Oslo Airport on June 5th.

Tanya lost her hand luggage with her Mac and had to pick it up.

Tanya with her 9mm Vektor Sp1 with a C-more red point optical sight.

She went for the targets.

Tanya wanted to take a picture of her spent doppies or empty cartridges.

Tanya participated in the Party shootout on June 8th.

The persons that arranged the Party shootout. From the left, Finn co-instructor, Martin the instructor, Tanya from South Africa and the owner of the .44 Magnum, Tore.

Tanya bought a new T-shirt for Daddy Martin.

Tanya likes to run. Sunday June 9th, she went for a late afternoon run.

Instead of a run, Tanya mow the lawn. Seen here emptying the grass collector.

Time for a braai with Martin's favorite pastime, making fire.

On June 11th, Tanya went to the jaw surgeon to get her wisdom tooth removed, no. 18.

Tanya back from the surgeon. It was rather painless and fast.

Off to ITC to use the Internet. The Internet in the house didn't work, except for Martin's portable. Strange.

Tanya hard at work in the classroom of ITC.

On Saturday, June 15th, Tanya walked up to the Gaustatoppen, some 1883 meter above sea level. Her she is on the the top. She and 5 other guys stayed over in an emergency shelter.

On June 18th, Tanya removed the stitches from her wisdom tooth and met cousin Filip for a beer at The Seafront.

Filip and his mother's brother Martin, Tanya's Dad. Filip and Martin is enjoying a beer in the rare sunshine.

The waterfront is lovely when the sun is out.

Filip and Martin walking back to the bus station away from the waterfront.

Martin is cleaning the Northern wall of his house.

After washing down the wall with special soap, he cleans it with a high pressure hose. The cleaned wall is clearly visible on this picture.

Tanya in Martin's car at Westwood.

At the restaurant, cousin Cato and Tanya.

Martin and Aune, Cato's son.

Tanya, Aune and Aunes Dad, Cato outside the "M" restaurant in St. Olavs Street in Tønsberg.

June 27th, Tanya and Filip is on their way to Jorunn and Ellen. Jorunn's house in Sandefjord shown here.

Filip in Jorunn's garden. Jorunn is the sister of Filip's mother.

Tanya on the new veranda that Kjell has made. Kjell is the husband of Jorunn.

Kjell works hard on Jorunn's house. Some of his tools are here.

June 28th, Tanya visited her aunt Ellen at Kongsberg. She is seen here with Ellen and Filip.  

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