Tanya & friends, Norway 2008


Daily activities June,  2008

  1. Friday
    Arrival Norway

  2. Saturday
    Boat trip & braai

  3. Sunday
    Oak forest

  4. Monday
    Back to the UK

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Summing it all up.

Tanya K. and her friends had a fascinating trip to Norway, June 6 - 10th, 2008. Below they all are:

Tanya K. the organizer of Norwegian origin. Born in 1981

Lee, Tanya's female friend of British origin. Born 80.

Josh, Tanya's friend of German origin. Born 1970.

Walter, Tanya's friend of Belgian origin. Born 74.

The weather in Norway is nice in June.

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Arrival, June 6

To the left, the communication offerings at Torp Airport is excellent. Here is the bus.

Tanya and her three friends.

Tanya and Martin in front of his trusty heap of rust.

Arrival at Jorunn's lovely house in Sandefjord.

Lee and Tanya basking in the Norwegian sun.

The yummy asparagus and parma ham brunch Kjell prepared for the southern visitors.

Daddy Martin's at his old car, bought in December 1986.

Walter making a point outside Jorunn's kitchen.

Kjell took the boys for a walk in the beautiful forest next to Jorunn's house.

Walter fooling around with his camera.

More woody views.

Nice Pinus Sylvestris, or pine trees on the path up to the house of Anders Jahre, a great industrialist of Norway, making his fortune in the whaling business that stopped in the mid 60-ties.

Walter strolling along.

A metal deer outside Jahre's house.

Crossing a creek up to the house.

The main entrance of the house of Jahre.

The entrance door.

The view of the park and the harbor in the background.

Kjell and Walter walking down the steps from the house.

The local version of Manneken Pis from Brussels. More details.

The house seen from below.

Another view of Sandefjord harbor.

Lovely pine tree.

Walter showing muscles next to Kjell.

Dense trees.

Back to Jorunn's house.

Martin, Lee and Walter.

Martin with the girls, Tanya to the left and Lee to the right.

Dinner at Jorunn's. On the menu, rack of lamb ribs, usually served at Christmas. The rack is salted and dried. Before it's steamed, it is watered fore five hours. Served with mashed rutabaga, or Swedish turnip and boiled potatoes.

The beverage served with this dish is beer and aquavit, a liquor made from potatoes.

This aquavit is called Linje, meaning it has passed the equator twice in oak casks.

The girlfriends, Tanya and Lee.

Tanya fooling around with her camera.

Norwegian water or aqua. Usually very good. This one is.

Jorunn' the hostess and Martin' sister.

Outdoor fireplace makes a nice mood.

Josh having an afterthought.

Walter with his slyest look.

Kjell sitting on the granite on which Jorunn's house stand.

Another look at the mood maker.

As after dinner snack, cured leg of mutton. It's the analogy of the South African version of billtong. Billtong is just dryer.

The lovely, modest, soft-spoken lee.

Martin having a go at the snack. When in SA, the first thing Martin does on arrival is to go to the butcher for a load of billtong.

Walter fooling around with the cured leg of mutton.

Jorunn has a beautiful garden. These are rhododendrons growing there.

Jorunn's house as seen from the main road.

Walters photos

Tanya and Lee laughing at Josh's poses.

Josh making his way to the Anders Jahre's house.

Tanya and Lee buying lunch: Norwegian peaches and strawberries.

Walter eating the fine peach.

Enjoying lunch on Sandefjord jettie.


The swimming fjord we visited

The road to the swimming place.

Tanya relieving some stress after a fun day at the water.

The excellent Pinacolada Kjell made us!

Walter and Lee enjoying the Pinacolada.

Traditional Norwegian Christmas meal made to perfection by Kjell.


Walter trying to eat the whole leg of mutton.

Martin slices some prime cuts of the leg of mutton.



The next day, Saturday May 7th, Tanya and her friends went shooting and then for a boat trip with Sverre. Sverre is Tanya's aunt's Jorunn (sister of Tanya's Dad Martin) second husband.

Thereafter it was a braai at Tanya's Dad's house, Martin at Vestskogen (Westwood) on Nøtterøy, (Island of Pleasure). You have some pictures from Martin's house taken two years ago.

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