Trip to Lesjaskog and Sandnessjøen, July 16
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway.


Lesjaskog - 23

Lesjaskog - 24

Sandnessjøen - 25

Sandnessjøen - 26

Sandnessjøen - 27

Sandnessjøen - 28

Back to Westwood - 29

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Martin was going to see his nephew at Lesjaskog and his friend Roy, at Sandnessjøen, Norway.

The route is first to Lesjaskog with train. Some 400 kms. Then on to Sandnessjøen, some 800 kms further on.

Martin's stuff at Westwood before departure.

Martin3 took Martin1's stuff to the railway station.

Martin3's van.

The rails in Tønsberg.

Waiting for the train.

Martin ended up in a family coach of all things. Misspelling while ordering the ticket.

Skyline on the road.

Just South of Dombås in the mountains.

Dombås railway station.

The next stop was Lesja.

Then Lesjaverk.

Before getting to Bjorli where Paul was waiting.

Paul's house with some of his 4 kids.

Paul with the youngest one, Anton 4.

The pine alley planted in 1903. It is old.

So is the house. It was built in 1638 according to the oldest parts.

Mathias, the oldest one, 13 years old.

Anton, 4.

He enjoys his sausage.

On to the barn where the kids are showing their prides. The tractors. It is 6 of them on the farm.

Anton with the hay that is Paul's main produce on the farm.

The hay baller that packs the hay before transport and selling.

View of the small house or storehouse for food. Now used for machine part.

The main house.

Emil with his brother Anton.

Mathias and Anton showing off the tractor at the basement of the barn.

The boys and their toys.

All 3 brothers.

Emil showing Martin the intricacies of two speed gearing.

All three brothers again. They are very tightly nit and a happy family.

Paul and his grill in the garden. Very smart and practical.  
On Saturday July 23rd, Martin spent the day at Bjorli, Pauls home in Lesjaskog.


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