Stuff in Thailand.
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Norwegian stuff. Nang Rong stuff. Stuff in Jomtien.


The water meter showed 511 units, up from = 509. That is 3 units.

The electricity showed 392, up from 337. That is 55 units.

Friday January 18th, Martin packed his stuff, including a back pack for Norway. Here are the shoes with pressure socks for air travel.

Martin's winter clothes for Norway.

 Here are shirts for Norway.


Friday January 11th, Martin handed in his watch for the second repair.


Here are the stuff left behind in Jomtien.

Friday December 28th, water meter was read at 050 and the el-meter was 33,7.
0 unit water =  ฿0
8 units of Electricity =  ฿48
Wednesday November 28th, water meter was read at 050 and el-meter was 25,6.

Saturday November 3rd, water meter was read at 616 and the el-meter was 196. Original reading was 615 and 174. Usage = 1 and 22 units.

1 unit water =  ฿35
22 units of Electricity =  ฿132
Cleaning  = ฿700
Total = ฿867

Wednesday October 31st, water reading 615,5 - 615 = 0,5 units.

Snake lady contract.

Wednesday October 31st, e-reading 189 - 174 = 15 units.

This is for 5 full days. That means 0,1 units of water a day and 3 units of electricity a day




rental contract till Dec 28th.

Long term storage till November 28th.

Thursday October 25th, the receipt given to the snake lady written on the original contract.

Snake lady's calculation. They don't seem right.

Thursday October 25th, water meter was read at 652 and the el-meter was 2016.
Wednesday October 24th, Martin paid his bills. This is the reading of the electricity.

This is the electricity and water bill paid.






This is the water reading, 652 the day before departure.



Martin's glasses. To the left he takes to Norway, to the right, left in Thailand. Watch the video.

Tuesday October 23rd, Martin transferred 10 000 baht from Norway using his credit card.

Sunday October 21st, contract with Lai, hope never to use.

Martin glasses left in Thailand.

Martin's ECG.

Martin's bank books.



Envelope from the hospital.


Monday October 17th, bill for ECG.

Note from cardiologist at Memorial hospital.



Friday October 12th, Rosty's contracts for December.


Tuesday September 25th, the el slip showing the same that Martins photos below show. Star reads 1809 when moving in and 1878 usage = 69*3,89 = 269 baht.



Friday October 5th, Martin visited the dentist and checked his blood pressure. It was very good.


Tuesday September 25th, Martin paid the bill for electricity and water and they matched the readings on the meters.

Martin's hotspot ticket due to expire tomorrow.

Thursday September 21st, the water meter read 648 up from 644 M3 which is only 4 M3.

The electricity read 1885 up from 1809, 76 kwhrs.

Thursday September 20th, in the evening, the amount was 8840 baht. Next morning? The same.  
Monday September 17th, the meter was the same.

And so where the drawers. Nobody had entered the room while Martin was away.

Monday September 10th.
When Martin left in the morning, the water meter read 647 M3.

Just to make sure nobody fiddles with Martin's stuff, the drawers were put out so it is easy to see if somebody has checked their contents.

Sunday September 9th. Martin discovered holes in the bathroom door not of his making. Reported to Wut.

Shelf under TV.

Martin's ring binder with NOK 500,-.

Keyboard under the TV.

White drawer 1.

White drawer 2.

White drawer 3.

Martin's swim bag that goes to Nang Rong on the 10th of September.

Martin sent off letters to Consumer Protection Board complains on Sylvia.

And he sent off his watch for repair.

The toilet roll holder is falling apart. Reported to Wut on Wednesday 29th. Fixed.

The door has many wear and tear marks. Reported and inspected.

Aug 27th, S1F14R09 water meter. The reading was 644,5 M3.

And el meter read 1809 kwhs.

Knives. The contract says:

Condo owner will supply a list of condo contents

It was never done.



Plastic bowls.

Missing light bulb.

Pots and pans.

Martins stuff.

The lid of the rubbish bin was broken.


May 2018 Video from Jomtien and medical bag

and Nang Rong cabinet.

Martin's cabinet in Nang Rong, April 2018.

Shirts in Jomtien

Shirts in Jomtien. Repacking it.


Martin packed his caps and towels as well.

Shorts in the blue bag.

The red bag is stuffed with keyboards.

And all Martin's papers. Look at the video.

Martin's TV that he inherited from Geir.
Value 14 000 Baht.
Serial no. 01E43NAH702878P.

Physical picture o the TV. Note the remote.

Martin's table in the room.

Cables and video of latest packing.

Final packing of red bag.


Watermeter on checkout on Monday, May 28th. It is 399 M3.

The electricity meter shows 1372 KWH.

Lai and the watch boy Suk that made the reading.


Contents for Martin's swimming bag, for Thailand.

Stuff in the rucksack. Check the video.

Lai's stuff in Martin's bag. More video of swimming bag and of winter cloths.

Martin's Koh Lahn shirt and Lai's swimming dress.

Keys left on Busaba's table.

Long term storage document.



Norwegian stuff.


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