Trip to Sharm-el Sheik, April 1-7, 2010
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway and in Shrm El Sheik just now.

April 2010

  1. Wednesday
    First day in Sharm
  2. Thursday
    Icy Pool
  3. Friday tanning 
  4. Saturday
  5. Sunday
    Old market
  6. Monday
    Last day in Egypt
  7. Tuesday
    Back to Norway

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Summing it all up.

Martin T. (to the right) had a rather boring and frustrated trip in the period above. Egypt has nice weather, the Red Sea is very clear and an interesting history. But The Egyptians today are no good.

Departure from Norway on March 31st.

To the left, JAP, Martin's trusted lodger for the last 14 years, is ready to take martin to the railway station.

It is cold, bleak and miserable in Norway at 0830 in the morning.

Martin is ready to go for a week.

At the railway station, the snow shufflers are hard at work.

The train is ready to leave the railway station.

The bleak, uninviting landscape on Martin's way to the airport.

At the airport, time to queue up.

And then the passport control, a must.

The plane that Martin should have gone with, Thai airways.

But Martin had to go to Egypt with an Egyptian airline, KoralBlue.

Martin was welcomed in Egypt by this ATM stealing his card. What a welcome.  

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The next day, Wednesday, April 1st, Martin took a city tour with Detour.

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