South America from March 3 - 15, 2018
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway and in Buenos Aires. Participants, Aerial photos, samba & videos.

Mar 3 - Amsterdam

Mar 4 - Buenos Aires
Teatro Colˇn

Mar 5 - Buenos Aires
City Tour, wine tasting & tango

Mar 6 - Buenos Aires
Jorunn's delta trip

Mar 7 - Buenos Aires
La Boca, colorful city block.

Mar 8 - Posadas, Encarnaciˇn & Paraguay

Mar 9 - Encarnaciˇn Iguaz˙, Brazil

Mar 10 - Iguaz˙ waterfall, Argentine

Mar 11 - Iguaz˙ waterfall, Brazil

Mar 12 - Rio de Janeiro. Corcovado mountain

Mar 13 - Rio de Janeiro boating & Samba

Mar 14 - Leaving Rio de Janeiro

Mar 15 - Back in Norway




Aerial photos


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Jorunn, Martin's sister and Martin took a trip to South America to spend some money. Detailed program in Norwegian.

Our itinerary from Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro. Click for bigger picture.

March  3 Depart Oslo via Amsterdam.
March  4 Arrive Buenos Aires, visit the opera, Teatro Colˇn, Plaza de Mayo and Calle Florida.
March  5 Buenos Aires, city trip to MidMars, La Boca, El Caminito, Palermo, Recoleta and San Telmo.
March  6 Buenos Aires on your own.
March  7 Buenos Aires, pampas,
March  8 Posadas, then Encarnaciˇn, Paraguay
March  9 EncarnaciˇnľIguaz˙ dam on the Brazilian side of the waterfall. Ciudad del Este, one of the biggest cityies in Paraguay. taip˙ dam, Foz do Iguaš˙,
March 10

Iguaz˙-fossen on the Argentine side of the waterfall. Garganta del Diablo and staying overnight at Foz do Iguaš˙.

March 11 Iguaz˙-fossen the Brazilian side  and off to by plane. Rio de Janeiro
March 12 Rio de Janeiro with the Corcovado moutain and athe Christ statue. Rios Guanabara bay and Museu do AmahŃ.
March 13 Rio de Janeiro with a boattip on the Guanabara bay and Acadŕmicos da Grande.
March 14 Rio de Janeiro with visit to the Botanical Garden, the Sugarloaf Mountain and B˙zios. Return to Oslo via Amsterdam.
March 15 Arrive in Oslo.

The bleak winter morning in Westwood at 0830 in the morning.

The temperature is -8 degrees Centigrade. Martin's house.

The parking lot where M3's van as parked.

Martin waiting for the bus to take him to the swimming pool.

Inside the bus.

The swimming hall in T°nsberg. Martin spends a lot of time here.

The bus stop close to the railway and pharmacy where Martin bought his green earplugs for swimming before departing.

The scale at the swimming pool.

The bus stop.



The rail crossings next to the railway station.

Jorunn on the train to Oslo airport.

Martin is having his lunch beer.

Our plane from Oslo.

Beer prices at Schipool, the airport in Amsterdam.a

Arrived in Amsterdam.

Our KLM airplane.

Original tables shaped as tea cups at Amsterdam airport.  

On Sunday March 4th, we arrived in Buenos Aires, on Ezeiza Ministro Pistarini airport.


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