South Africa, Dec 1 - Dec 21, 2006
Daily activities November 2006.

Daily activities December 2006
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  1. Friday
    On to Welcome
  2. Saturday
    On to Johannesburg
  3. Sunday
    Lunch at Bob's
  4. Monday
    Memory Lane
  5. Tuesday Not much
  6. Wednesday
    Sick Dog
  7. Thursday
    Visiting John

  8. Friday
    Reloading at John's

  9. Saturday
    Shooting Range

  10. Sunday
    Val & Anne

  11. Monday
    On to Upington

  12. Tuesday
    Augrabies Falls

  13. Wednesday
    At Upington

  14. Thursday

  15. Friday

  16. Saturday
    Shooting Range

  17. Sunday
    More shooting

  18. Monday
    Back to Cape

  19. Tuesday
    Lobster Tavern

  20. Wednesday
    Pot Koos

  21. Thursday

  22. Thursday
    Back in Norway

All Dec Photos
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Summing it all up.

Martin T. (to the right) had pleasant and fascination trip to South Africa in the period above. Martin has his party hat on.

The pictures above and below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click on the thumbnails, and you get the full picture in a separate window. And depending on your browser, it may be a little smaller to fit your screen size.
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The original plan was to go to Bloemfontain, one of the old capitals of SA, but the the driving went well, and Martin carried on to Welcome, where he lived and worked from 1977 to 1980.

And all December photos can be seen in a photo gallary.

To the left is the route taken from Kidd's Beach to Bloemfontain.

To the right, the bed and breakfast at Kidd's Beach. A rainy, misty morning, good for driving.

On the route up the coast, this is the typical landscape.

Wit rolling hills and rather lush due to the rainy season.

Shanty towns all over the place.

And a nice view over the rolling hills.

Rocky foundations for the road.

After a long driver, at last to Orange River that divides the provinces of Eastern Cape and the Freestate.

And cops with their R4 rifles (copy of the Israeli army rifle, Galil) shooting .223 and using AK47 magazines. Smart.

Big fat cop mama in charge of the road block.

Into the Freestate.

On the road to Welcome, these are the communication towers that supply you with your cell phone

After some 750 kms of driving, it was nice to crash into bed at Holiday Inn, renamed to Welcome Inn.

Then Saturday Dec 2nd, it was time to visit memory lane at Welcome where Martin worked from 1977 to 1980.

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Daily activities in SA during November 2006.

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