Martin's lodgers, from Jun 16, 2012 - 2015.
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them.

On Jul 20th, Martin1 and Martin3 used a gas grill to make some mackerel caught by the Poles.

Four medium sized mackerels on the grill.

Martin1 is getting the fish ready.

Martin is finalizing the result, nice, healthy and tasty fish. Easy to make.  

On Jul 11th to 16th,  2015, Martin1 and Martin3 visit from Dascha, Czech Republic.

At Naustet pub in Åsgårdstrand with the people on the neighboring table.

One of the guests that took our photos.

Martin3, Dasha and Martin1 at the table, enjoying a beer. M3 was driving and had a non-alcoholic beer.


Marius is building a wood shed for Martin.

It was a lot of wood.

The two friends, Marius and Short Krzysztof from Poland.

Smashing bottles and cans to make place for more.

Martin enjoying his meal, mackerel and garfish.

Most enjoyable.

Garfish with green bones,  are sometimes caught as by catch, mainly in fixed nets along the coast in shallow waters. If caught with rod and line they tend to leap out of the water when hooked. Garfish are eaten boiled, fried, baked, barbecued or smoked. They have unusual green bones (due to the presence of biliverdin) which discourages many people from eating them, but the green color is harmless.  

On Jul 5th - 2015, Martin1 and Martin3 had a fun shoot with some extras.

See the video.

Martin3 is getting ready.

Martin1 just happy after the shoot.


On Jun 3th - 2015, Martin discovered a few security breaches in his house. Not good.


On Jun 9th and 7th, 2014 Martin and Lukasz had a little shoot together.
Lukasz and Martin at the local shooting range. Here is the video.

Lukasz is having a go at the targets.

On Jun 6th and 7th, 2014 Martin T participated in a shoot at Kongsvinger, Norway called Kongsvinger Open.

The stages shot are on this video. Have a look. Martin at Stage 13, not too bad.

On Jun 1st 2014, Martin T and Martin Kubat, from The Czech Republic,  had a little fun shoot.
Martin T & K with rapid fire shoot. See the video as well.

Martin with his .45ACP and cast bullets. It makes for a nice muzzle blast.

On May 29th 2014, Martin T and Martin Kubat, from The Czech Republic, Andrzej Bartosz, and Lukas Sevick had a little fun shoot.

Martin 3 is shooting the 9mm Vektor. There is a video you can watch of 3 of shooting 5 shots rapid fire.

Martin 1 is shooting his old .45 ACP.

Martin 1 and Lukasz is getting ready.

Andrzej is patching up after the 5 shots are fired. Lukasz is just watching. Results are below.


  Target shooting Bowling pins        
  50 points Timed Fast shooting Total no.    
    sec sec rounds =     
No of shots = 10 8 10 28    
Shooter Points sec sec      
Martin 1  36 7,06 1,39 100 % Best shooter
Andrzej 34 8,62 1,54 91 %    
Lukas 32 7,76 1,36 91 %    
Martin Boss 46 9,8 2,13 90 %    
%-del 36 % 29 % 36 % 100 %    
Beste resultat: 46 7,06 1,36      
  Target shooting Bowling pins        
  100 mulige Timed Fast shooting Total no.    
    sec sec rounds =     
No of shots = 10 8 10 28    
Martin 1  78 % 100 % 98 %      
Andrzej 74 % 82 % 88 %      
Lukas 70 % 91 % 100 %      
Martin Boss 100 % 0 % 64 %      

On May 23rd 2014, Martin T and Martin Kubat, from The Czech Republic, had a little fun shoot.
Martin K is crossing the road to enter the Cave where we shoot. We just parked the car across the street. Martin Kubat is from the Czech Republic.

Martin K is signing the insurance papers before the shoot.

Martin is popping off some shots with his .38Super with a compentsator.

Martin K is shooting Martin T's 9mm Vektor.

After the shoot, time to clean up the range. Martin K here using the vacuum cleaner. A nice two hours' shoot after an early swim at the public pool  

On Nov 4, Martin was back and made this video of the sad state in WestWood.
On Aug 12, Martin left for Thailand and made this video of the garage contents.

Tomasz C, Bogdan and Martin did some fun shooting on Saturday, August 9th, 2013.

See the video from the shoot.

Tomasz C towards Tomasz L. But Tomasz C missed,

Bogdan missed too.

Martin missed too.

Bogdan second shot was a killing head shot. Bogdan won the Tomasz L shoot.

Andresz and Tomasz C having a chat on Martin's veranda enjoying some Polish beers.

Bogdan is a very stalwart guy and trustworthy. He is a hard and efficient worker. Martin recommends him.

Krzysztof Krzyzaniak is a nice, quiet guy.

Martin and Wojciech Nowak are sharing a beer and joke.

Martin is busy recapping Berdan .45 ACP brass. He is using hydraulic pressure to get the old primers out.  

Fun shoot with Tomasz and Bogdan Saturday August 9th, 2013.

    Bowling pins Bowling pins          
  Target shooting No time limit Timed Fast shooting   Total no.    
  50 mulige 10 pins       rounds =     
No of shots = 5 10 28 15   58    
Tomasz 45 9 11,5 1,51        
Boguslaw 46 9 8,36 1,45        
Martin 22 9 4,66 1,13        
%-del 9 % 17 % 48 % 26 %   100 % resultat  
Tomasz 98 % 100 % 41 % 75 %   90 %    
Boguslav 100 % 100 % 56 % 78 %   96 %    
Martin 48 % 100 % 100 % 100 %   100 % Overall winner


Andrzej,  Tomasz C, Bogdan and Martin did some fun shooting on Sunday, July 28th, 2013.

Andrzej was the evening winner. See below.

Number two was Bogdan.

And Tomasz C number 3. Both Andrzej and Bogdan has two years of military training that did the trick.  

Shooting results with Poles from July 28 , 2013 in the Cave.

    Bowling pins Bowling pins   Target shooting      
  Target shooting No time limit Timed Fast shooting 20 meter Tellende    
  200 mulige 10 skudd 7 skudd 5 skudd 10 shots skudd =     
No of shots = 10 15 15 15 10 65    
Boguslaw 77 12 9,39 1,60 50      
Andrzej 78 13 9,34 1,51 46      
Tomasz 73 8 16,55 1,63 13      
%-del 15 % 23 % 23 % 23 % 15 % 100 % resultat  
Boguslaw 99 % 92 % 99 % 94 % 100 % 99 %    
Andrzej 100 % 100 % 100 % 100 % 92 % 100 % Overall winner
Tomasz 94 % 62 % 56 % 93 % 26 % 67 %    
Three of the Polish lodgers in Martin's house. It is Andrzej, Bogdan and Krzysztof. Bogdan is the house boss because he understands English well, but cannot speak much.

Tomasz and Krzysztof also stays her. That makes 5.

Here is the video of the 5.

Wojciech Nowak arrives tomorrow. Then there are 6 poles in Martin's flat. Not acceptable, and Tomasz the Boss knows this.

See the video of the 5 above.


Monica, Lukasz and Martin did some fun shooting on Saturday, July 22nd, 2013. Nice video and photos.

Monica got some special instruction using blank round to control the trigger squeeze. See Monica here.

Martin's .45 ACP on display. Martin had some dud ammo that needed to be burned.

Martin enjoyed his rounds as well.

Lukasz fooling around while Martin is setting up his camera for a video cut.

Selection of targets, paper and steel. Martin tested some ammo seen here.  

Monica, Lukasz, JerzyBoguslaw and Martin did some fun shooting on Saturday, July 20th, 2013.

See all the photos on this photo gallery.

Watch this video where Monica have her hand on some rapid fire hand gunning.

Happy 3-some. Jerry, Lukasz and Monica.

Getting ready to shoot.

The range with the targets.

Jerry and Martin is making ready.

Martin is giving Monica some instructions.

Monica is having her first shot.

Martin's .38 Super used by Monica.

Monica was afraid of the bang, closed her eyes and jerked the trigger, thereby hitting next to nothing.

Bogoslaw and Jerry fooling around. Bogoslaw did an impressive run on the bowling pins. See it here.

Having fun, Lukasz, Bogoslaw and Jerry.

Lukasz and Martin is preparing next round.

A lot of magazines needs to be fille.

Monica had a go at 5 fast ones. But she only got to 4 shots.

See the video.

Martin had to tell her it was one more round seen being fired here.

Monica and Martin outside the Cave on the way back home. It was a nice, fun shoot.

Monica is a lovely lass that in the end, enjoyed her shooting.

Shooting results with Poles from July 20, 2013 in the Cave.

    Bowling pins Bowling pins        
  Target shooting No time limit Timed Hurgitskyting Tellende    
  200 mulige 10 skudd 7 skudd 5 skudd skudd =     
No of shots = 20 10 15 10 55    
Boguslaw 98 4 10,19 1,74      
Lukasz 39 6 10,85 1,62      
Jerzy 27 8 13,23 1,37      
%-del 36 % 18 % 27 % 18 % 100 % resultat  
Boguslaw 100 % 50 % 100 % 79 % 100 % Overall winner
Lukasz 40 % 75 % 94 % 85 % 89 %    
Jerzy 28 % 100 % 77 % 100 % 93 %    



Lukasz, JerzyBoguslaw and Martin did some fun shooting on Saturday, July 14th, 2013.

Watch this video where the guys have their hand on some rapid fire handgunning.

Martin showing the correct grip on the gun, a .45 ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol) with 14 rounds in the clip. It is a Para Ordinance, Canadian made. Se more pictures here.

Martin showing how to use the iron sights.

Jerzy getting his fingers right.

Bouguslaw had done this before. He spent 2 years in the Polish army. He got it right first time.

Jerzy is getting it right on the right with some live ammo.

Lukasz is getting ready.

The guns we used, both .45 ACP and a red-dot gun in cal. .38Super.

Stoking up the magazines.

Shooting results from July 14, 2013 in the Cave.
    Bowling pins Bowling pins   Bowling pins Counted    
  Target shooting No time limit Timed Hurgitskyting 20 meter shots    
  50 possible 10 shots 7 shots 5 shots 11 pins fired are    
No of shots = 5 10 7 5 20 47    
Boguslaw 46 10 7,81 1,98 11      
Lukasz 34 6 7,01 1,81 6      
Jerzy 48 9 23,59 1,94 9      
%-age 11 % 21 % 15 % 11 % 43 % 100 %


Boguslaw 96 % 100 % 90 % 91 % 100 % 100 % Overall winner
Lukasz 71 % 60 % 100 % 100 % 55 % 81 %    
Jerzy 100 % 90 % 30 % 93 % 82 % 83 %    

Lukasz and Martin did some fun shooting on Saturday, June 29th, 2012.

Lukasz tries his hand from 25 meters and with a red point. Here is a video showing Lukasz shooting some rapid rounds.

Lukasz also tried their hand on 5 shots fast.

Lukasz is picking up brass to be reused.

Martin and Lukasz back at Westwood.

June 2012.
Martin T to the left, let out his spare flat to some nice poles. You have a long video of Martin's house, 235 MBytes worth. You also have a nice winter video, some 131 Mbytes long.

The boss is Thomasz. But he doesn't live there. He just pays.

Krysztof has just arrived. See his video where he presents himself.

Grzegorz is one of new ones as well. He and Krysztof will do some work for Martin. See his video here.

This is Piotrek, his English is lacking and he needs to learn more. A few words can he stutter. He has left Martin.

 He has left Martin. Rafal can speak well. Listen to him. He is an X-cop and have an email address as well. He speaks some English. He has left Martin.

Andrzej speaks next to nothing English. But he can say a few words on this clip.

Miroslav is another pole that speaks some English. I is not living with Martin.


On July 22nd, Martin, Piotrek and Rafal went to the shooting range.

Fromt the left Piotrek, Martin and Rafal did some fun shooting this Sunday.

Rafal is teachning Piotrek the basic sighting procedure. As an X-cop, he has experience with the Glock.

Rafal is trying the red point pistol, a .38Super gun. He was a reasonable shot.

Piotrek didn't hit much, neither with standard guns nor with the red point.

After the shoot, we had beer. Nice after the guns are packed away.

Back at Westwood, Martin has a giggle with Tomasz, the Boss and his son Alex.  

Piotrek, Martin and Rafal did some fun shooting on Monday, July 30th, 2012.

Martin is cleaning his guns before going to the shooting range.

Piotrek is getting some special teaching on how to prevent flinch or jerk while firing.

Piotrek got it right in the end.

Martin is practicing fast shooting. Watch the video.

Piotrek is ready to shoot.

And he managed very well. Watch the video.

Rafal had a go too. Watch the video.  

Piotrek and Martin did some fun shooting on Sunday, August 12th, 2012.

Piotrek tries his hand from 25 meters and with a red point. Here is a video showing Piotrek shooting plates.

Martin and Piotrek also tried their hand on 7 shots fast.


Tomasz Jakub Luszczkiewicz, owner and responsible for Martin's lodgers.

Telephone: 907 03 750

 Below are the 6 Poles that lives in Westwood (on and off) as of June 27th, 2013.

  Tomasz Ciborowski

+48 517 198 555

  Krzysztof Krzyzaniak

+47 463 41 392

 Krzysztof Gadomski

+48 796 157 796

Boguslaw (Bogdan) Waligora
+48 782 767 234
+47 465 54 226

  Wojciech Nowak

+48 785 019 897

Andrzej Bartosz

+47 998 79 787

Bogdan is the Pole responsible to get things done and he is Martin's contact man. Bogdan understand adequate English.


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