Daily activities

December 2009

  1. Thursday
    Meeting Pawinee
  2. Thursday
    Pawinee & Calypso Show
  3. Friday
    Pawinee left
  1. Wednesday
    Phawini arrives Pattaya
  2. Thursday
    Church and Alcazar
  3. Friday
    Off to Chachoengsao
  4. Saturday
    First day in Chachoengsao
  5. Sunday
    River cruise in Chachoengsao
  6. Monday
    Party in Bangkok
  7. Tuesday
    Fish feed discovery
  8. Wednesday
    Fish farms
  9. Thursday
    New Year's Eve

January 2010

  1. Friday
    Back to Bangkok
  2. Saturday
    Phawini in Bangkok
  3. Sunday
    Cousin Ole Martin
  4. Monday
    Phawini left
  5. Tuesday
    Last day in Thailand
  6. Wednesday
    Back in Norway

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Map of Thailand.

Dec 2009 & Jan 2010, Pawinee and Martin
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway and in Bangkok just now. Map of lovely Thailand and Jomtien.

Martin to the left and Pawinee to the right had a lovely time together in Dec of 2009 and some days of January 2010.

  Pawinee is checking in, filling in her forms.

Motherly Pawinee.

The Christmas decorations are already in place.

Pawinee and her new swimming suit bought for her by Martin.

Martin and Pawinee in the pool area.

Pawinee trying on her new foot link that Martin bought in Goa, India for her.

Pawinee in her new shirt form India.

At the Rosabieng Restaurant enjoying a beer.

The local singer at the restaurant. She is good.

Pawinee and Martin enjoying their company together after a nice Thai meal outside The Pickled Liver Irish pub.

The pub owner's mother and one of the regulars.  

The next day, Thursday, December 3rd, we went shopping for the talking dictionary and went to the calypso show at the Asian Hotel.


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