Martin's classes in Nha Trang, Apri-May 2019
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. YOou just click them. The weather in Norway and in Nha Trang, Vietnam.


April 2nd:
Martin went to teach at Crazy Kim's. Here is Phuong, bar attendant and David, Martin's co teacher.


Dave and Martin, teachers in arms.

Dave and Phuong.


Martin and Dave teaching.

Part of the class.

The first class.

Nice Vietnamese lady that has worked in Norway.

Dave and Martin in the classroom.

Part of the class.

The whiteboard and TV. Primitive, but OK:

Fantastic foods of Vietanam.

Apr 26th:
Leaving Crazy Kom's for the do.

On route to the do. It was quite a drive.

Lovely by the riverside. Watch the video.

Martin in his desk chair.

Hoi, one of Martin's students, presenting herself.

Martin settling in with some problems.

Trong, ?? and Nhi P next to the triver.

Making pork with a very nice barbeque sauce that had a sweetish touch. Martin liked it very much.

From left: Phuong, Martin, Tong, ??, ?? and the chef ??, Watch the video.

Trong and Phuong.

Margot is having some cucumber.

The food grill is being prepared.

Time for some balloon games.

Nguyen, Phuong and Martin. Margot is turned away.

The table under the canvas was very nicely laid out.

Phuong, Martin and Margot.

The table at a distance.

Martin enjoyed Margot company very much. She was a pleasure to talk to. Martin hopes for being as good as her at the same age, 81.

Very simple, nice, tasty food made by the students. Well done !

The winner to the left, Nguyen, Phuong, Martin and Margot.

Lovely food.

Phuong, Martin and Margot enjoying the food.

??? announcing the winner of the bag race.

?? is referring to what Martin said.

Eddie talks about the importance of speaking to others in English.

?? and Mr. Vitamin talking about the ballon game.

From the left, ??, Dave, ?? and ??.

?? and ?? with the balloon.

?? and Phoung doing musical chairs.

Margot and ?? having a dance.

Dave and Phuong.

??, ?? and Dave.

The balloon game with the winner ??. Mr. Vitamin and ?? to the left.

The balloon game.
Ladies in the front are ??, ?? and ??.
The boys in the back are Mr. Vitamin, ?? and ??.


Cute lady, name ???. Maybe Tong knows?

Singer with the guitar is Ha, then ?? and Hoan with the hat.

After the party, many beers and nice food, Martin slept for 90 minutes.  
Monday 29th, classes.
Trong isn't on the list.

Ngan Hoang.

Lan Vo has been to Norway

Huong Honor?

Yen Mom or Ngyen?

Trinh Ngo.

Lien Hoang.

Nhi P or H?

Valerie and her Mother.

Valerie is a very good swimmer and English speaker. She will be a guest lecturer on Monday coming.

Martin classes, 0900 and 1030, April 14th at Vintage Coffee House.

See a video of various performances.

Vintage Coffe House where our party was held

Margot, Trish and Ha.


May14P07LadiesInCharge.JPG - who ???.

May14P04Trinh.JPG and ????

May14P03Phuong.JPG and ???

May14P15HappySinger.JPG ???

Mr. Vita Minh giving one of his many speaches.

Cool hair cut Mr. Minh has.

May14P12Singer.JPG Mr ????

Mark and Martin getting their shirts.

Mark and Martin.M

Mark, Martin and ??? on picture May14P24MartinMark.JPG

Mr Ha sings his songs.

May14P20Talker.JPG ???


Martin undressing.

Martin's shirt.

Martin and the mike. Put it on the lower lip and you don't get the noice.

Mark and Martin with their shirts.

For class photos.

From the left:

From the right: ????

For class photos.

From the left:

From the right: ????


Martin and his cake.

Martin and lovely lady May14P57MartinStudent ????

Nguyen, Dave, Valerie and Martin.

Martin and May14P58MartinStudents ???.

Dave and Valerie.

Preparing a mass song.

From the left, ??, Thrin, ??? and ???.  

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