Nongnut Kidnok alias Mook

Nongnut Kidnok, or Mook for short, lives in Bangkok. She is a beautiful and treacherous woman working in the catering industry. She wants her photos to be published. She can be contacted in Bangkok on telephone no +66 847 66 7204 or on email at

Mook is a determined business woman that knows her worth.

Martin had an appointment wit Mook on the 30th of November. But as the unreliable women she is, she never showed up. Typical Mook.

January 4th, 2010.

To the left, Mook is havng a peek at the flowers.

Mook and Jennisa at the lobby bar.


Mook in her fancy flowery dress.

Mook with her piercing eyes.

Mook draws an admiring look from a passer bye.

Mook can be very playful as well.

Mook is a cookie fan in addition to being a tough cookie.

Mook deciding which cookie she wants to eat.

Dec 2nd, 2009.

To the left, Mook in Bangkok on Dec 2nd for a quick chat with Martin on some business deals.

Mook has great legs. She is a very stylish woman that knows her worth, hence her two-finger salute.

Mook busy taking pictures with Martin's cell phone.  
Lovely Mook at the Ambassador, the lobby bar.

Mook sipping elegantly to her drink at the bar.


August 1st, 2009.

Mook's piercing eyes. She looks straight through you.

But she can be lovely seen here in the lobby of the Ambassador hotel.

She looks nice.

And she can be affectionate and warm when she wants to.

Martin met this woman on a stroll he had on August 1st in the streets of Bangkok. What a waste.

She looks very nice and behave very friendly towards you, only to take your money away from you.

Dreaming Mook.

Can play for the gallery as well.

Making fun.

Sexy legs for sure. Delicately crossed. Makes an old man slobber

Nicely clean shaved thighs of Mook.  
Rosabieng Restaurant across the street where the music is.

Mook is arriving to take Martin for a ride.

Very determined lady. She knows what she wants. Money from stupid old haggards like Martin.

Just making some calls to another victim of hers, Alex from the UK.

Mook, like most Thai women, has a long beautiful hair.

A nice view of downtown Bangkok.


Martin and Mook at the Sky bar restaurant.

Mook is a smart and treacherous women. She can make any man happy.

The nicest crapper in town is in the Sky Bar at the 26th floor of the Ambassador hotel.

Mook figuring out who her next victims will be.

She can be nice.

And she can be entertaining. Part of the facade.

Lovely she can be as well. Seen here with a real flower from the table.

Time for some pubbing. Nice pose here with Martin.

Affectionate is also one of the roles Mook can put on for show.

Mook is good at pool.

Mook and Tong to the right. Tong is a very nice man.

Mook won. As expected.

So Mook, what are you up to now? Deciding which trick to play next?

The street of Bangkok town at night.

Swine flu protection. Martin is too old to catch it so he really don't care.

Mook got her money and is just telling Martin a story of what she has to do. Should only take 30 minutes. Martin waited for 2 hours and no Mook returned. Martin was 25,- poorer and one experience richer. Never trust women with money. Particularly those with beautiful faces and trusty eyes.

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