From London, January 2010

January 2010
  1. Friday
    Visiting Lynda in Worthing

  2. Saturday
    Returning to London

  3. Sunday
    Tanya's Church

  4. Monday
    Back in Norway

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Summing it all up.

Martin T. (to the left) had pleasant trip to London in the period above. 

He visited his daughter Tanya, seen here to the right.

To the left, entering the plane at Torp, Sandefjord airport some 35 minutes drive from Martin's home.

The are entering in the front as well.

Saving seat pockets. Printing the safety information on the seat in front of you.

Landed at Stanstead, England some 1 hour and 45 minutes later.

On the train to London.

One of the landmark of London, The Cucumber.

Another view of The Cucumber.

Arriving at the railway station in London, Liverpool Street.

The pub Hamilton Hall at Liverpool Street railway station.

The entrance of Hamilton Hall.

Inside the Hamilton Hall, upstairs.

Tanya arrived around 1730 to pick Martin up to go to Tanya's Jap restaurant. An evening view of downtown London.

  Tanya digging in with chop sticks. Spaghetti isn't easy to eat with sticks.

The entrance of the restaurant, a real eating machine.

Kirin, originally called Karin after the Norwegian founder's wife in Japan. After his divorce, he renamed the beer to Kirin. One of the biggest producer of beer in Japan today.

The Eye of London, close by the restaurant. The restaurant was called ??? and lies in the ??? area.

The next day, Friday 22nd , it was time for some computer work at Tanya's place and a visit to Lynda.

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