Martin's visit to London Oct 2 - 5.


Daily activities October,2008

  1. Thursday
    Departure for London

  2. Friday
    Visiting Lynda

  3. Saturday
    Worthing and Pojkie

  4. Sunday
    Church & Preeti

  5. Monday
    Back to Norway, early

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Summing it all up.


To the left, Tanya, Martin's daughter, smart enough to live in London instead of South Africa, her country of birth.

To the right, Martin, smart enough to leave South Africa and live in Norway.

The weather in London is not nice in October.

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Departure from Norway, October 2nd.

To the left, JAP (Jon-Arild Pettersen) is the trusted limo-driver.

To the right, the bus from the unique railway station just outside Torp Oslo air-port.

Ryan air just arrived that takes us to Stanstead outside London.

Inside the plane. Lovely yellow seats, but cannot be leaned back.

Arrival in at Stanstead.

Landed in Stanstead.

Through the UK Border. It takes time to get through the passport control.

The high speed train service to Stanstead.

The busy platform Liverpool Street station.

Hamilton Hall pub.

Inside this old pub at Liverpool Street Station.

Busy street of London 1.

Busy street of London 2.

Tanya with her glasses on London Bridge.

The tubes of London is an effective communication mean.

The view from London Bridge towards Westminister.

Tanya and Lee, the birthday girl at the Lost Society in Clapham restaurant.

Martin and Tanya sharing a joke at the  Lost Society in Clapham restaurant.

Lovely Lee at her birthday.

Tanya red mouth.

Tanya and Daddy waiting for the food.

Cute, lovely Tanya.

The fondue, not much to eat.

The pretty chandelier in Lost Society restaurant.

The secretly Miss  Leandra, Tanya's roommate.

Nadia smiling for the camera. at the birthday party.

 The handsome Joggie. with his bright smile.

Tanya's drink umbrellas in her red, shiny hair.

 Elaine and Miss Ryan having a colloquial chat.

Miss Shelley.

Nicole with fancy sunglasses in the dark restaurant giving Martin her killer look.

Miss Nicola and Lee.

Tanya and Daddy Martin with his bad habit of closing his left eye, making it weaker.

Tanya was fascinated by the chandeliers and took quite a few pictures of them since her friend ???9 are interested in interior design.

Tanya's roommate Leandra with her fancy suspenders.

To much of a good thing and Martin fell asleep.

Tanya's friend Shelley chatting with Lee.

Martin speaking with Joggie. Shelley in the foreground.

Three of the ladies at the table. They are fron the left Shelley, Lee and Nicola.

Sexy thighs of Leandra.  

The next day, Friday, October 3, Martin went on a boat trip on the Thames and then Martin went to visit Lynda in Broadwater, Worthing.

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