Lisa's Happy.

Suphansa nicknamed Lisa from Bangkok.
 I'm Suphansa nicknamed Lisa.

I am a lovely lady 45 years young. I have one girl Holly, that is 10 years old. I am single, living alone with my daughter Holly, 10 years old. For the last 5 years, I've been commuting between Din Daeng, Bangkok and Korat near Nakhon Ratchasima. My parents stay in Korat which is 260 kms from Bangkok. See map.

I am a normal woman, goodhearted, honest, romantic, kind, serious, caring and sincere.  I want to find someone that is sincere. I enjoy my life and I'm young at heart. Still very active. I like warm sun and swimming in the sea and pool.

I like nature and animals, having my own dogs Happy and Luck,  which I play with in my garden at Korat. I  am interested in wines, especially red ones.

I have a bachelor's degree in accountancy and I'm working for a Japanese company as an office manager. I've spent 10 years in Japan and speak Japanese. Thus, I have cross-cultural background.

I am looking for the following man:

A nice man that is a non-smoker. He should be polite, good mannered and respectful. The latter point is very, important.

Age doesn't really matter. I like old men that are mature and responsible. I'm looking for a fun, intelligent, happy man to share satisfying sex and experiences with. I don't like the Playboy types that thinks live is a game.

 I like a fit, romantic, sweet and honest man. If you are not planning to come to Thailand within the next six months, don't contact me.

You find more of me at

 Holly, Lisa's bosom friend.

How to get to Korat from Bangkok?

The weather in Bangkok.

Lisa at during June of 2009.

Lisa in the garden of her parents in Korat.

Lisa and her dog Happy at Korat with her car in the background.

Lisa and her daughter Holly dressed for a school party.

Lisa outside her parent's house in Korat. See map.

Some 7 years ago, I visited Pattaya. Here at the local swimming pool at the hotel I stayed.

Having a drink at Pattaya, some 7 years ago.

Lisa with her car outside her home in Korat. She stays in her parents' house in Bangkok.

Lisa in her home in Korat with 4 bedrooms and a total of 220m2 living area. A big, nice house Lisa loves.  

The following pictures are taken Nov 7, 2009 in Lisa's house at Korat.



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