Laos Feb 2 - 7, arriving in Vientiane.
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway and in Laos.
Laos is a Marxist–Leninist unitarysingle-party state, aka communist dictatorship.

Feb 2

Feb 3
Condo Hunt

Feb 4
Not much

Feb 5
Shooting Range

Feb 6

Feb 7
Leaving Laos

Feb 8

Feb 9
Visit Arild

Feb 10
Back to Norway

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Martin took a short trip to Laos for only 5 nights, alone.

Martin left Don-Mueang airport at 1250 in the afternoon from gate 25.

Lots of activity on this airport with 2 terminals. No. 1 for International flights and No. 2 for domestic flights.

Martin's plane arrived in Vientiane. Martin was spotted by Arild, his cousin from Norway.

Martin checking in at Moonlight Champa which is perfectly situated in a quiet, leafy neighborhood just five minutes walk from the national stadium and swimming pool. Martin is using it every morning form 0700 to 0830 afteer his 2000 meters swim. I is also very close to the Namphu fountain and the heart of Vientiane.

As a nice touch, they had Martin's name on a plate outside on his arrival day.

Martin's room on the third floor is 303. If you book, ask for 101, 201 or 301. It has a balcony towards the street.

Off to the swimming pool around the corner. Martin here at the entrance.

It is nice and you can easily find it using the web address or the GPS coordinates of 17°58'05.2"N 102°36'32.5"E.

It is nice enough and 25 meters long, but the sand filter is not effective so there is some floating shit in the water, even at 0700 in the morning. That should not happen. Nothing happened to Martin thoug.

Martin in the lobby. If you want more pictures, look at this web address.
Next door is a nice Chinese restaurant.

They served cooked eel.

Martin likes eel, but the Laotians are killing it with chilly so it only tastes chilly.

Martin's driver, Bankk, loves chilly and has no problem swallowing large quantities of it.

On Sunday February 3rd, it was time for some condo hunting with Bankk.


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