Lai's Thai handbags from Buriram.   
You can contact Lai on 080 0169 539 for details of colors etc.
The pictures below are thumbnails. Just click the photo for a bigger version.
The prices for the bags are THB 1200,- a piece. Postage to Western Europe 380,- for slow (less that 45 days) or 860 for fast (less than 14 days). See bank details. Local shipments are free.

This is my favorite bag in red and strawberry pattern.

My friend Martin likes it very much too. He set up my web page.

This is in sky blue color.

This is also a nice color.

This is mine favorite, the black one.

The strawberry one is also one of my favorite.

These are the three colors, currently in production. Any color can be made on request.

Martin shows his bag he bought for his sister and daughter overseas.

Martin in the post office, shipping off one bag to Norway.

This is me Lai, please call me on the number above or send me an email in the field below.

More picture of lovely Lai? Click here.

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September 15, 2015.