KOD - gang of Jomtien, Thailand.

Martin took the initiative to start the group after an idea of Jarle on Crete, May 2013

Martin has been a member of KOD Tønsberg since 1988. He has participated on numerous KOD-trips in Norway and abroad. Matin took the initiative to start this group after an idea from Jarle. Listen to Jarle. He is retired and spends 9 month a year in Jomtien, Thailand. He was born in 1944.

Rubin ???

Her manger jeg opplysninger.


Randi is retired and lives in Jomtien 6-7 months of the year. She has been a member of the KOD since 2000. She is not as active dancing anymore, but she goes on a trip with KOD. Randi and Martin have been on many trips together. She was born in 1946 and lives in Drammen.


Jarle has been with the Trondheim Group of KOD since 1983, and has joined many KOD arrangements abroad and also a few inland. He has seldom had the opportunity to practice what he has learned, so he is still considered to be a "beginner". Expect to spend some time in Pattaya around New Year 2014 - 2015. He was born in 194? and lives in ????.

Jarle's favorite hotel is http://www.eastinpattaya.com/location-en.html. They do dance there. Martin will check it out. But they don't have dance here any more. Only prayer meetings on Sundays.

Roy has been a member of Sandessjøen KOD since 1972 and started the local KOD. He is an instructor and travels a lot with KOD. He is in-between jobs and plans to retire in Jomtien in some 5 years time. He was born in 1954 and lives in Sandessjøen in the middle of Norway.  

Some bags from Thailand? Have a look.


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