The swimming Hall in Horten
A nice morning in Horten swimming pool, January 19th, 2012.

To the left, the mans in charge, Kim has just taken up his Creepy-Crawly for the night. It is a waterly vacuum cleaner that sucks the bottom clean during the nignt.

The pool in the haze due to Martin's fogged up camera.

Kim with his fancy cleaner. Called a Creepy-Crawly in South Africa.

The starting end of the pool.

The other two early birds arriving at the swimming hall 0550 in the morning. Martin arrived at 0545.

The stairways down to the change rooms.

The change rooms are also doubling up as bomb shelters, designed to take 10 atmospheric preassure.

The change rooms are split on sex, obviously.

The entrance where the gas and overpressure lock can be seen.

The male change room.

Martin's locker, no 44, same year as Martin is born.

The electronic scale used afte the swim. The Battle of the Bulge is an ongoing one.

The showers.

The saunas. This is the first one holding 800 Centigrade and the other one behind the door holds 1000 Centigrade. Hot stuff.

The time, temperature and hydrometer measuring the humidity in the air.

The showwers.

The entrance to the male changeroom.

The change room itself with Martin's stuff in the foreground.

The swimmingpool when Martin is finished. Watch the video, it is nice.

The pool from the outside at 0800 in the morning.

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