Goa, India - Dec 25 to Jan 9th, 2008

Tourist pictures from Goa

Textual stuff about Goa

Daily activities Dec 2007

  1. Wednesday
    First Day

  2. Thursday
    Dentist & Coco

  3. Friday
    Implant Done

  4. Saturday
    Coco & Check-up

  5. Sunday
    Loafing Around

  6. Monday
    Golden Eye

Jan 2008

  1. Tuesday
    Sea Cruise

  2. Wednesday
    Sea Cruise

  3. Thursday

  4. Friday

  5. Saturday
    Boat Trip

  6. Sunday
    ElShaddai Coco

  7. Monday
    Final Dentist

  8. Tuesday
    Last day & Departure

  9. Wednesday
    Back in Norway

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Summing it all up.

Martin T. to the right had pleasant and fascination trip to Goa in the period above.  This was Martin's third trip to Goa this year. He was here in the period Apr 6 to 20th and Nov 26 to Dec 11th. This time he went to replace his front tooth. Saved some money on the deal.

India has some 1200 mill people and have an area of 3,3 mill km2. Goa on the other hand has 1,4 mill inhabitants and the area is 3000 km2. Goa is the richest of the Indian provinces.

Above, you have a map that show where Goa is situated in India.
The weather at Goa from BBC.

Goa is situated on the West Coast of India. Goa used to be a Portuguese colony from 1510 till 1962 when the Indian Army invaded and annexed Goa.

The former Portuguese colony of Goa is one of the most relaxed places in India. In the seventies when all of India was full with European and American hippies, Goa was really packed with them. Now most of the hippies have left, but new travelers keep pouring in. More  textual stuff on Goa and you can have a look at this slideshow from the net.

The pictures below and on the following pages,  are all thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click on the thumbnails, and you get the full picture in a separate window. Just click the picture to get the full size.

To the left a more detailed map of Goa with the main places and roads. This is taken from www.gogoa.com.

To the right, you have a detailed map of the province Goa. .

Early in the morning of the 25th at 0230 hours, it was off in the cold dark nights of December. This is Ivar's car. He is a nice guy driving Martin to the airport for a reduction in his rent.

At Oslo's main airport it was one endless queue for all check-in counters. Martin was first in line.

The it was time to wait for departure, and the plane was one time and the first to leave the airport this morning.

The desolate airport of Baku, the capital of a miserable corrupt dictatorship Azerbaijan, not worth visiting. But it has oil and gas.

At Goa airport these flowers were the first to greet us.

We left in the dark and arrived in the dark, loosing some 4,5 hours in time difference. This is our plane.

The travel reps greet us on arrival.

First thing you do is to draw some cash from the ATM. Here in Goa, they have ATM attendants to help you getting your cash. The cheapest way to buy INL or rupees as they are called by the locals.

Our Ving tour guide made a short stop in the bus before jumping off.

We stayed at  Don Jućo Hotel, an old fashion, somewhat threadbare and purely maintained one. The employees doesn't have their own quarters, so they sleep on the floor in the reception area. Sanresh, my attendant is the only one looking up. He wasn't exactly healthy he told me the following day.

The next day, Dec 26th, was the first full day in Goa this time around. Visited some old friends and places.

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