Egypt, Oct 16 - 23, 2008
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Daily activities
October 2008

  1. Thursday
  2. Friday
    City Tour
  3. Saturday
  4. Sunday
    Sore feet
  5. Monday
    More feet
  6. Tuesday
    Star Dinner
  7. Wednesday
    Snorkelling part II
  8. Thursday
  9. Friday
    Back in Norway

Summing it up
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Martin T had pleasant and easy going trip to Egypt during the period above. This is Martin's third trip to Egypt, the first one was in March - April 2005 and the second visit was the same year during December with his daughter Tanya, sister Jorunn and brother-in-law Kjell.

Want some facts of Egypt? Have a look at The World Fact book from CIA for more.

To the left have a look at how the Egypt is situated in relation to Africa.

To the right, where Hurghada, our starting point is situated in Egypt. In Arabic, it's called Al Ghardaqah. .

A detailed map of Hurghada. We stayed at Impire Inn, the same hotel as Martin stayed at in during his first visit in 2005.  


Arrival time at Oslo Gardemoen Airport at 0803. And boarding the plane at 1100 and actually, the plane started moving at 1130, 65 minutes after scheduled departure time.


Early in the morning, waiting for the trusted Limousine Service from downstairs, Martin notices that his neighbor is up and running at 0525. Martin gets a lift to the railway station.

This is Freddy's lovely Volvo. He is on route to Hamburg in Germany, exactly 500 kilometers, not counting the ferry from Larvik to Hirtshals.

To the left, Oslo Airport was very busy this Thursday for some reason.

To the right, Martin did overdress. It wasn't that cold as expected.

RÝros Flyservice, what does it do at Gardermoen?

Landed in Egypt with Sonja Henie from Norwegian.

Air-Berlin was there as well.

What characterizes Hurgada is the queues for ever. First to get the visa. Just to bleed the tourists for some extra cash, and then the passport control.

Martin documented that his rucksack was on the bus before the departure.

Bus no 1, mind you. Nothing less.

Smokers use every opportunity to get a puff and some poisonous nicotine down into their lungs.  

The next day, Friday, October 17, it was time for some beer shopping. You see the map above.

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