Jun 25 - 30, The Czech Republic.
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway and in Thailand.

Jun 25

Jun 26

Jun 27

Jun 28

Jun 29
Praha & Norway

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Martin, or M1 for short visited Martin Vaclavov, or M3 for the 5 days of June.

Leaving Westwood on a nice, bright, sunny day of Jun 25 at 0615 in the morning.

Martin's stuff at the bus stop.

Martin waiting for the bus.

The trees across the road are beautiful in the rising sun.

On the quay of the railway station the travelers are queuing up.

The train arrives to take Martin to Oslo airport some 2 hours away.

Time for plane to Stockholm.

And to Praha or Prague as the English write it.

Arrived in Prague.

And went to our hotel, The Zlata Vaha.

Martin 3 arrived at correct time.

In the streets of Praha.

Enjoying our first beers.

A fancy Rolls Royce grace the streets.

The streets of Praha.

The churches are plentiful.

The restaurant are not far between.

Martin with his beer.

Martin with his beer or two.

Martin 3 the same.

Thai massage you find everywhere.

In the streets of Praha.

Big buildings.

Lot of bottles.

Jewelry chops.

And to the main square in Praha.

The tourist season is in full swing.

Martin getting acquainted with the metro map. When you understand how to travel the metro, it is a breeze.

The famous Czech clockworks. You can hear it here.

Martin3 listening to the clock playing its tune.


Horse for tourists is always an attraction.

The meat is delicious.

The metro is relatively new, from the 90-ties and well made.

One of the local heroes times long past.

Newer heroes that died during the communist area.

The next day, Friday June 26th, Martin1 went off to M3's hometown, Vaclavov.


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