Sep 18 - sightseeing Con Dao in the rain.
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway, Con Dao and Cambodia.

Leaving Nha Trang

Sep 17
Off to Con Dao

Sep 18
Con Dao

Sep 19
Con Dao

Sep 20
Last day on Con Dao

Sep 21
Saigon and immigration

Sep 22
Last day in Saigon
Leaving for Nha Trang

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Here is our planned trip. But the rain stopped some of it.

Click for bigger picture.

A bleak, blue and wet morning. Not conducive to a swim.

Martin chickened out since the water was too cold.

This pool is 11, 8 meters, looks like 30 in the hotel photos.

Phuong did some indoor exercise instead.

It was a miserable weather forecast for the rest of the week.

The breakfast wasn't much, but more than adequate.


The food selection. You are not hungry.

Our fist stop. Bao Tang, the local museum of the island.

Cell block. The whole island is centered around being a prison colony.

The French started it in 1930 and the South Vietnamese took over in 1954 and then the communists made it a religious place of sorts in 1945.


Here from the life in the prisons as portrayed in the museum.

The story of the island. Watch the video.

A really big turtle.

This is liberation day in May 1975.

The electrical cars taking us around were really convenient.

Phuong and Martin in one.


We bought a shirt and trousers for Karl Martin. Here it looks like it hangs on Phuong's nose.

The full shirt. Big now, but not in a few years.

Trung Tam prison.

Selfie inside.

An old royal house of short.

The royal bed of sorts. Not impressive.

Cell 6 and Phuong having a peep.

Leg shackles. Not nice.

Prisoners locked up.

Endless cell blocks.

Phuong outside.

Court yard.

A group from a communist party somewhere in Vietnam. Con Dao is sacred ground for them.

Vietnam Association for Conservation of Nature and Environment (VACNE) was established under the Decision No. 299/CT dated November 23, 1988.

Martin having a rest before leaving.

A watch tower at the entrance.

The symbol of Vietnam Association for Conservation of Nature and Environment (VACNE).


Leaving the compound and off to a new one.

Grey and wet.

Not many people on the beach.

Another prison with physical deprivation. Not nice.

Cell blocks.

Tiger cages where the tormentor looks down on his victims.

Martin in one of the female cells. Not nice.

The baddy himself, the tormentor on top of the tiger cages.

Phuong outside a cell.

One of many miserable cells.

Camp developed early 70-ties with the help of the Americans.

Phuong outside.

They look like latrines, but are cooking spots for food.


Tiger cages American style. Martin didn't really understand the point.

Lone cell block and enough prisons for a life time.

We had rice bread with bananas. Really good.

Why do the Vietnamese have to throw their rubbish on the floor? There are plenty rubbish bins around.

Half empty building. Are the trees inside or outside the building?


On Saturday September 20th, was another grey, miserable day on Con Dao.

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