July 2012 - visiting Arild at Vanvikan.
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather at Trondheim.

June 2012

  1. Thursday
    Off to Arild
  2. Friday
    At Vanvikan
  3. Saturday
  4. Sunday
    Gone fishing
  5. Monday
    Martin in Tronldheim
  6. Tuesday
    Seeing Skaret
  7. Wednesday
    Back to Nøtterøy

July 09, 2012 Arild to Nøtterøy

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Martin T. to the left had pleasant visiting his cousin Arild and his nice Thai girlfriend Jiratip. Seen to the right.

Her name is Jiratip.

This is Arild, my cousin and the son of my mother's younger sister.

To the right, you have the trip from Nøtterøy to Vanvikan, some 670 kms. Martin used the train.

Vanvikan is in a peninsula opposite Trondheim. You have to use the ferry boat for the last leg.

Martin with his trusty rucksack, ready to go.

BOW's car seen through the entrance door. BOW (Bjørn Ove Weiseth) is one of Martin's lodgers.

BOW's hedge that he has just trimmed.

JAP's car next to the hedge that Martin has to trim. JAP (Jon-Arild Pettersen) is another of Martin's lodgers

On the bus to Tønsberg.

Norway too is blemished with all the scarf cunts that come from Somalia. They do nothting, just get a fat dole.

Tønsberg railway station. Martin's most popular photo object.

Hamar. where Martin changed train to go to Trondheim.

Nice view.

The train itself states where it is going.

Inside the train. Not particular crowded.

On route to Trondheim.

Another stop at Rena half way there.

Røros is a famous place in Norway where the mined copper for many centuries. Nothing today.

To girls on Martin's train taking a stop at the sign of Røros.

Røros railway station. Nice buildings.

Arrived at Trondheim at last after more than 9 hours on the train. A long, boring journey.

Clarion hotel next to the express boats. It was some 10 minutes to walk and Martin's back got all bugged up.

Martin is having a beer at the Clarion bar downstairs, but their Internet pages don't work.

The express boats.

The little Viking at the exit hall of the hotel.

The express boat to Vanvikan.

The hotel seen from the boat.

The Norwegian flag at the aft of the boat.

Inside the boat.

The Clarion hotel in the background

A lone kayak paddling in the Trondheim's fiord.

The cathedral in the skyline above Trondheim.

Trondheim city in the distance.

Arild and Jirathip in front of Arild's birthday present on his 50th birthday some 12 years ago.

Arild with his big fat, unshaven smile this nice evening of June 21st, the longest day of the year in Norway.


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The next day, Friday Jun 22nd, we visited Arild's friend and installed a wireless network for him.

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