Mar 24 - 31, Last week of March.
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway, Vietnam and Cambodia.

Leaving Norway for Bangkok

Mar 11
Off to Vietnam

Mar 11-15
Nha Trang

Mar 16-23
Nha Trang

Apr 1- 8
Nha Trang

Apr 12-16
Nha Trang

Apr 17-23
Nha Trang

Apr 24-30
Nha Trang

May 1- 8
Nha Trang

May 8-11
Tuy Hoa - Saigon Hotel

May 12-14
Nha Trang

May 15-17
Tuy Hoa - Saigon Hotel

May 18-23
Nha Trang

May 24-31
Nha Trang

May 28-30
Tuy Hoa - Saigon Hotel

Jun 1- 8
Nha Trang

Jun 9-16
Nha Trang

Jun 17-23
Nha Trang

Jun 24-31
Nha Trang

Jul 1- 7
Nha Trang

July 8
Sill in

Jul 9-16
Nha Trang

Jul 18-24
Nha Trang

Jul 25-31
Nha Trang

Aug 1-??
Still in
Nha Trang

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Last week under the dark clouds of Corona outbreak.

ViAnh had the last swim before she left for Saigon. She lives there with her parents. Watch the video.

Martin's pool, he visits 6 out of 7 days a week for 2000 meters and 100 minutes swims.

In the afternoon after the swim, we took a drive on the bike around this part of Nha Trang.

This is the bay where a lot of Russians are enjoying the sun.

Big hotels are either closed or basically empty.

A new big one is going up in a dead market.

A nice green house with closed shops all around.

The are really creative with the hedges.

Martin's favorite fish restaurant is closed.

Fancy hedges made like boats in front of the hotel going up.

A fancy resort is also closed down.

Rubbish collection is not the Vietnamese's strong side.

A busy market street for fruit and vegetables.

Phuong picking up clementines. Very good for vitamin C.

M-UnInarch 28th, the pool and restaurants were closed. Not good.

BBQ-UnIn has a fancy and well tasting menu.

Thomas, the owner's son is playing at home since his school is closed.


Last day Dan Vieng Dong Hotel was open for swimming. March 25th.


Menu with a funny English.

The dinosaur skeleton outside the pool.

Unused ticket from Tran Vien Dong Hotel.

Time to visit The Pizza Company before it was closed on the 30th of March.


Phuong outside The Pizza Company on its last open day before closure on the 30th.

Martin having his last pizza at this establishment. Otherwise, Phuong is an excellent cook.

The only place you can swim these days is at the beach. It is still not closed. Why they close Nha Trang is incomprehensible. There are no corona cases in this town.

Enjoying a BBQ in the front garden.

Phuong is very clever to make lovely food. And BBQing is fun.

But it feels like a prison in many ways with bars all around you.

On Wednesday April 1st, it was time for April with a full close down of everything.

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